‘Mr. President, new NHA boss is plundering big time’

Mr President Sir,I  would like to seriously urge you to come to the aide of National Housing Authority as things have now turned from bad to worse.
NHA as a public institution though almost run down by the former CEO Elias Mpondela, the company can still be brought back to it’s feet by the right people to run it.
Mr President the appointment that was done after Mr Elias Mpondela resigned in February of Mr Don Webster Zyambo of DY ZYAMBO and partners from Anchor house Cairo road Lusaka lives to be desired because the man has no experience and capacity to run the organisation.
The man has no vision what so ever to see the company back on it’s knees.
I chose to write to you Mr President to expose the dirt that the man is doing in this short period he has been appointed to run the company down to disgrace you and its employees and of course the general public who put you in power.
The facts being brought to before you are that despite NHA being in a financial crisis caused by Mpondela and his group,Mr Zyambo was given a salary of K31,500,000 compared to his predecessor Mpondela who used to walk away with K17,500,000 among other incentives.Since his appointment the company has continued to suffer major setbacks were employees are now receiving there salaries late,non-payment of gratuities,long service bonuses,non-delivery of houses purrchased and paid for in full,suppliers not being paid,the list is endless.
Mr President right now there is alot of abuse of authority going on in NHA by the same man including victimisation of employees and tenants that are renting from the organisation.,some of whom are being evicted from houses and given to his PF friends and cadres.A very good example is house no.9812/3/45 Alex chola road were a widow Mrs Musukwa was evicted despite her clearing her arrears of K8,000,000 despite her numerous criesthe house has since been given to his nephew a Mr Anderson Zulu who he recently Promoted to Director of Projects from Construction Manager to occupy the said house.The said house is one of the houses capitalised under the Kabwata Reinvestment Project after the sale of Kabwata flats to the public.To the dismay of many tenants around this location capitalised housed have no wall fences, ceilings or floor tiles which the company does not allow but Mr Zyambo has allowed the maintenance team to do it up put a ceiling a wall fence and indeed floor tiles to the comfort of his nephew Zulu.
Tenants occupying capitalised houses are not allowed to do alterations to the property including members of staff who occupy some of these houses.These houses were capitalised under the then Minister of Local Govt.  Silviya Masebo in 2005.
Mr President NHA has a policy where it has to advertise plots to the general public when they are available but yet again abuse of authority has taken its toll again where he has sold plots secretly to Mr Moses Makasa (PF) a residential plot stand no Temp sub1 of sub E northgate gardens on 24/9/12 at a cash price of K5,000,0000 BEARING RECEIPT NO.204037.On the same day he sold another plot to Edith Kaluba & Wamunyima Muwana a plot in B/Mwiinga plot no.23828 at cash price of K5,000,000 RECEIPT NO.204039.On  the 01/10/12 through his office sold another plot to Christopher Shakafuswa plot stand no.Temp sub 5 of sub E north gate gardens at K5,000,0000 RECEIPT NO.204050.
A Mr Jonathan Yazenga was offered a capitalised house to rent as a sitting tenant when the occupier of the house was evicted on the pretext that she was subletting.This man has been given the privilege o erect a wall fence around the house,which is not the case with sitting tenants in Nyumba Yanga and some other residential areas despite being tenants for over 6 years.These plots if you check records they have not been advertised and were do you find plots in these areas at K5,000,000.
Mr Zyambo has continued to victimise employees together with the Director of finance Mr Charles chewe who is his right hand boy and was recently confirmed by the Ministry of local govt. to the same position despite numerous cries by the Board that was dissolved not give him the position because he is not qualified despite having advertised the position were successfully cabdidates were denied the job.The man is not experienced and not qualified for the job.The Board that was dissolved had requested that the position be re-advertised,but Mr zyambo refused and asked Chewe to log in his application as well and was chosen as the most successful candidate with a lot of irregularities.Charles Chewe is more like the chief advisor to Mr Zyambo and acts on vengeance on the employees as everyone is living in fear as people’s payments such as gratuities.long service bonuses and other payments are being denied yet chewe ‘s and zyambo’s payments fly everyday.Mr Chewe and Mr Zyambo have been changes in the organisation which have affected the professionalism in the oraganisation.
A finance manager who was recently appointed to the position has no full ACCA and no experience among other positions.
Mr President very recently The Ministry of Finance gave NHA K5 billion which was owed to it Through PHI,when this money came Mr Zyambo through Mr Chewe decided to purchase himself A brand new Pajero worth K650 million on a company that is running below its budget and does not know were it next pay check will come from.These people are so selfish an arrogant and are only there to fulfil there own obligations.
The whole management needs to be fired as they have failed the organisation and are running it down.The Director of Construction M r J.Daka is just a puppet,Mrs T.J Mulenga Chief Human Resource Manager cannot even advise management of its continued mistakes,this one also worked closely with Mpondela and was one of his girlfriends,the worst is The Chief internal Auditor Mr r.Vera despite holding a sensitive position has never implemented serious corrective measures to be taken not forgetting Charles Chewe who even brags that NHA is under his and Zyambos control and not even the president can remove them.Finally i urge you Mr President please look into the issues happening at NHA as these few individuals are busy squandering the little resources that are available,Please intervene urgently.

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