Msoni advises Sata to resgin


Opposition All People’s Congress Party (APC) President Nason Msoni has advised President Michael Sata to step down on health grounds now that he has qualified to get full retirement benefits entitled to a former President.

But Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has dismissed Mr Msoni’s suggestion.

Mr Msoni has told QFM News that President Sata missed a golden moment for him to tell the nation that he cannot continue being President when he opened Parliament last Friday.

He says people could have classified him as a hero if he took that path considering that it is a well known fact that he has been struggling health wise.

Mr Msoni says now that the Head of State is entitled to full presidential benefits, it is prudent for him to step down, adding that no one can blame him if he made such a noble decision.

And Mr. Msoni says the people who advised President Sata to go and attend the UN Summit in the United Stated of America are not being fare to him stating that he needs to rest.

But when contacted for a comment, Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has told QFM News in a telephone interview that the opposition will never stop bickering because of their obsession for power.

Dr. Katema says the people should ignore such comments from the opposition because they lack governance experience.


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