Msoni asks Sata to stop tribalism in his govt

By Nason Msoni

The birth of the Muchinga Mafia style gangster in our national politics is a very worrisome and fearful development as it is up to no-good. We think this is the group that is responsible for inciting and igniting power wrangles that are ravaging and consuming the PF and is also responsible for vetting and making tribalappointments.
It is disturbing to note that all government lucrative contracts are held and controlled by the Muchinga Mafia gang that is responsible for re-distribution to family tribal cartels and allies. We think this is unfortunate and dangerous situation which undermines the principle and spirit of shared responsibilities and equal opportunities for all our citizens.
This Muchinga Mafia thing is real and growing very fast and getting grip of every institution in the state apparatus and shamelessly perpetuating tribalism.
It is Sata the ‘Kingpin’ of tribalism himself who needs to act and stop this Mafia gangster and denounce it and then reconcile and ask for forgiveness from the Zambian people who are hurting with his blatant tribalism which has rekindled the ugly forces of mistrust and bitterness amongst the peace loving Zambian people.
His behavior as President has been far less satisfactory than expected of any person sitting in that office which is a collective embodiment of the Zambian people. Clearly he is undeserving and noteworthy of the esteem and honor associated with the office of President by all account going by his conduct and behavior.
We think failing to pinpoint the kingpin and troublemaker of the ‘self-styled‘ Muchinga Mafia gangster that is perpetuating tribalism in the Patriotic Front would be tragic and amount to playing to the gallery and at best is shying away from the truth.It’s better to call-a-spade-a-spade because that’s what it is otherwise beating around the bush would be a waste of time.
It is wrong for the kingpin of tribalism who is the bonafide perpetrator of tribalism to talk about reconciliation without convincing himself first on the need to reform and denounce tribalism.
The exercise and public stunt put-up by the President at the Cathedral of the holy cross held during the inter-denominational thanks giving service to commemorate the country’s 49th independence anniversary in Lusaka fools no one at best he is the source of our current hurt and bitterness.
Our people feel betrayed and humiliated that a person in whom they had invested their time and trust can abruptly turn around and exclude their children, brothers, and sisters. It is awfully painful to be discriminated against and treated less favorable than others on account of the content of your tribe rather than on your character and academic qualifications.
There can be no true reconciliation without President Sata himself denouncing tribalism and distancing himself from the Muchinga Mafia and demonstrating the genuine willingness to work with the rest of the Zambian people he is discriminating against.
It is now incumbent upon himself to dismantle his current cabinet and remake a new one which represents the true character of our people otherwise he is wasting our precious time.
In its current form this government does not represent the legitimate collective interests and aspirations of the Zambian people and as such early elections are most welcome in the circumstances.
Never in our lives have we seen and witnessed this kind of tribalism which he continues to perpetuate with impunity.
Certainly we will never miss this man and his tribalism for bringing our country on the verge of a tribal revolution.
To be seen collaborating with the perpetrator tribalism and kingpin himself is actually endorsing his tribalism. Tribalism like apartheid can only be combated ifthe perpetrators are effectively identified and isolated respectively.
We are deeply troubled to note that Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda finds comfort to be amongst those causing extreme heartache and championing to exonerate those practicing tribalism is most unfortunate for the former first Zambian President. We think government should immediately stop paying Dr.Kaunda benefits for engaging himself in partisan politics and attacking opponents of President Sata.
Surely what’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

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