Msoni on Sata’s tribalsim

The Tribalism and nepotism being done and perpetuated by president Sata is eating the better part of our society under his PF government to the extent that it is no longer a concealed affair but a public affair done with impunity in broad daylight and without any sense of shame.

A sense of shame is not a bad moral compass for any self respecting leadership. our people’s patience and tolerance with this type of behavior and conduct being exhibited should not in any way be mistaken for weakness on the part of our people. our people’ desire for a better and fairer Zambia was probably and ably demonstrated when our people locked step and matched together to  their various polling stations in Zambia to cast their ballots to elect president Sata as their 5th president of the Republic of Zambia.

Their hope and wish then was to elect a more responsive president for all Zambians,but alas our people miscalculated and were dead wrong on this score and completely missed the tangent.

To every political choice there are political consequences and we are now paying that heavy price.

His infamous public outbursts and criticism of the two successive governments of Rupiah and late Levy Mwanawasa on issues of tribalism was indeed just a disguise and a smoke screen of his own hidden character which has since been laid bare and exposed.

His failure to work with other people from other tribes or regions is striking and shocking at best. He should consider that Zambia works best when we work together as a united people.

The current sad state of affairs does not in any way help narrow the differences and diversify of our people but rather broadens and widens the rift to such dangerous levels unprecedented in the history of this country. With this said he is creating mistrust among our people to the extent that it will be extremely difficult in future for any good leader to be trusted and elected on account of president Sata’s behavior.

The once vibrant foreign service is destroyed as  most individuals now appointed are his relatives who are un qualified and lack the necessary skills and yet these are the kind of people representing our country at the highest level of international engagement as envoys.

According  to our sources the only available documents for most of the appointees on their  files are mere birth certificates and in some cases baptism certificates respectively. Zambia is blessed with highly skilled manpower and  our president has no excuse whatsoever for failing to tap in this huge vast human resource base that this country has on account that they’re different from his tribe. It is apparent that president Sata is not moved by human decency considering the kind of appointments he is making.This is not the Zambia we want for ourselves  nor for our children.
The continued appointment of deputy ministers has heavily bloated the public wage bill to the extent that social service delivery to key institutions such as hospitals and schools has been seriously affected due to limited funding. The gains that were made under the public service reform program PSRP a world bank sponsored program in the early 1990’s under the enhanced structural adjustment program that gave Zambia a second chance and a new lease of life has but all evaporated as the wage bill and public expenditure has rapidly started building up under the PF government to such alarming levels.if this trend of making appointments for appeasement is not quickly brought under control Zambia maybe headed for bankruptcy.

Nason Msoni

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