Msoni questions government’s mediocrity on Covid 19

Msoni questions government’s mediocrity on Covid 19

This government is a big joke. How can it be optional for people to congregate given the prevailing circumstances in the country and indeed in the world.

You have even issued a statutory instrument to that effect and on how to regulate and mitigate the current circumstances and yet you are going against the very law.

There should be no room for error or else the resultant calamity would be too gustily to contemplate.

No serious government can put people into harms way for whatever motivation.

The priority of government should be to insulate and isolate citizens from the deadly pandemic.

It is absolutely baffling that at a time when the virus is steadily gaining foothold in the country you can have such levels of dangerous incompetence and incoherent government positions.

By and large this government has effectively rendered itself into a merchant of death.

In view of the inconsistencies on the part of this government it is now incumbent upon citizens themselves to ignore such conflicting government positions and concentrate on keeping themselves safe by keeping away from large gatherings.

Nason Msoni

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