Msoni shocked at corruption by Supreme Court judges

Msoni shocked at corruption by Supreme Court judges

By Nason msoni

Its tragic for our country that Justice has to be bought from the bench of injustices. So if you are a litigant suing a financially sound institution you stand no chance in a million years to get Justice because of the Zambian adjudicators who are rotten to the core.
The Zambian Judiciary stinks and needs urgent fixing if it is to win back public Confidence. Those whose names are clearly associated with bribery and corruption for Justice or Injustice must do the honourable thing by stepping down. It is common sense you cant have it both ways.

Perhaps this brings to light why those who are barred by the constitution now feel rejuvenated, relaxed and confident that their small faces might, after all, have a realistic chance to make it for the ballot for the third time in a row simply because the system is rotten and stinks.

So if you pay as a litigant, then illegitimate in its natural meaning is interpreted to mean to be legitimate. This is scandalous, blood on your hands’ you crook your time is coming too.

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