Msoni shocked by Chibesakunda’s night injustice

Organised Night Justice meant to disadvantage the opposition exposed and thwarted by the ECZ.
No one believes that the conduct of Madam Chief justice Chibesakunda is the appropriate behaviour of a Person holding the office of Chief Justice of Zambia.
The institution of Justice is now being used to perpetuate injustice against the opponents of the PF party. This behaviour vindicates and confirms our worst fear of keeping her at the helm and pinnacle of Justice. The facial mask of impartiality has ruthlessly fallen off her face and exposed her as nothing more than a PF cadre responsible for destruction and misleading the institution of Justice.
 We now stand firm and resolute in our demand to ask her to exit the office of honour. We will not have a PF thug for Chief Justice in Zambia for any price.

Nason Msoni


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