Msoni urges MPs to reject Bill 10

Msoni urges MPs to reject Bill 10

The truth is that Bill 10 still remains the same deceitful document as before and nothing has changed.

Bill no 10 is like a Trojan horse that will be used to capture the state by criminals.

It is safer to reject it now than allow the fraudulent bill to become law.

“You can’t have a law that allows Ministers to remain in office after the dissolution of Parliament drawing salaries and allowances. It is totally absurd that Ministers and other political functionaries should be allowed to continue abusing public resources during campaigns. “

“In any case how can we expect such anticipated elections in 2021 to be free and fair? “

Clearly, this obnoxious bill is intended and designed to give political leverage and undue advantage to those who will remain in government after the dissolution of Parliament.

Arguably, this bill has the potential to completely sink this country and give way to maximum lawlessness.

The level of desperation by the executive should inform all of us that the law is not meant to benefit the public but desperate politicians intending to circumvent the constitution using subsidiary legislation.

Bill 10 has the potential of creating or incarnating another “supreme leader “ of the Nkurunziza type.

Typically prevention is always better than looking for a cure later.

It is possible for Zambia to escape further damage to the credibility of the country from the lawlessness that would ensue by outrightly rejecting the absurdity which would be associated with Bill 10.

The bill 10 undoubtedly is a poisoned chalice which specifically is just intended to deceive the gullible citizens to believe that the architects of the bill mean well for the country when in fact not.

The bill is intended to consolidate the dictatorship and would gravely endanger the democratic parameters of the country.

We urge the members of Parliament to look to the big picture and unanimously reject the bill to save the country from those who seek to capture the state.

To vote for bill 10 is in essence endorsing the capture of the state by those whose political shelf life has expired.

Bill 10 is for those running out of options and having no exit strategy from government after misconducting themselves whilst in office.

Bill 10 is for those who are potentially culpable trying to escape personal liability.

Bill 10 is for those who want to prolong their stay in government and prevent themselves from being held accountable for their transgressions against the Zambian people.

Bill 10 is for those who are constitutionally debarred and have already held office twice but are seeking a political bypass on how to legally undermine the supreme law of the land.

Bill 10 is for those trying to have unfettered access to public resources legally to run a campaign.

In totality there are no realistic accrued benefits for ordinary citizens to champion in bill 10.

Kindly reject it.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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