Mswati in Zambia to follow up corrupt deal with Lungu

King Mswati of Swaziland is currently in Zambia to finalise his deal with Edgar Lungu to run a fourth mobile company in Zambia.

Mswati, a corrupt thief like his partner Lungu runs 16 State Houses each for his 15 wives while his subjects live in abject poverty. It is reported that 70 per cent of that poor country’s budget goes to finance Mswati’s lavish  life style and that of his siblings all of whom are entitled to a state house.

Mswati sneaked into Zambia last night and has since left for South Luangwa National with his host Lungu.

In South Luangwa , Mswati and Lungu will finalise their corrupt deal in which they have registered a company in Swaziland using proxies.

That company will be granted the licence to operate the fourth mobile company in Zambia.

The company is owned , and therefore the fourth mobile company will be owned, by Lungu and Mswati using proxies.

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