Mt. Meru filling stations selling contaminated fuel products

Zambian watchdog investigations have revealed Mt. Meru filling stations are selling contaminated fuel products that do meet the minimum basic requirements even by the Zambia Bureau of standards,

An a further investigation reveal that Mt. is actually a conduit for terrorist organisations in Somalia that sponsor the pirates notorious for hijacking ships in that area.

According to the documents obtained by the Zambian Watchdog from one of Mt. Meru’s senior employees, fuel from Mt. Meru filling station was of very substandard that can easily damage people’s motor engines.

What is even more worrying is that the Energy Regulation Board officials are fully aware of the scam but they seem to have been bribed after despite several complaints from some customers whose vehicles were damaged beyond repair.

The top Zambia Police Command including Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani are also fully aware of the scam but attempts to solve the problem is always watered down because of the huge briberies that company has been paying officials.

Several fuel test samples that were conducted by the Zambia Bureau of Standards from various filling stations show that the fuel is sometimes mixed with high quantities of plain water and other undesirable substances that are very harmful to the motor vehicle engines.

In one test that was conducted, the fuel samples fell way below the required standards due to heavy contamination and the results were even given to ERB who acknowledged the anomaly but could not act on the report.

And further investigations revealed that the East African owned oil firm is actually linked to terrorist organisations that operate and hijack ships in East Africa and later demand for ransoms from ship owners.

A further investigation revealed that Mt. Meru have actually been doing this for sometime now even in other African countries such as Tanzania where they were penalized in 2008 after they filled in the president’s motorcade their fuel and all cars could not move.

Some employees also complained that this company which is owned by Indians is very segregatory to Zambian workers.

“All Indians are given vehicles while no Zambian is. I work there and no indigenous worker earns more than K3,000 monthly, we don’t get salary advances or loans and the average salary is about K2,000, yet they get huge chunks of money themselves,” some employees complained.


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