Mt.Meru fuel contamination done at Chinika plant, even cooking a health hazard

Another employee from Mount Meru Petroleum confirmed the selling of contaminated fuels, an ethical practice that they conduct at their Chinika plant in light industrial area.

Recent investigations and documents obtained by the Zambian watchdog revealed that Mount Meru Petroleum were dealing in substandard fuel which were damaging customers vehicles.

New information now indicate that major contamination of petroleum products in Zambia actually happens at their Chinika plant in Light Industrial area where paraffin and sometimes cooking is for example mixed with petrol or diesel.

Various samples that were taken to Zambia Bureau of standards by some customers and the Energy Regulation Board and made available to the Zambiawatchdog revealed that the Mount Meru Petroleum products do not meet the minimum standards for vehicles.

In Tanzania the company was penalized in 2008 after they filled in the president’s motorcade their fuel and all cars could not move.

And more information coming from Tanzania also indicate that it is not only the fuels that are a hazard but even other products such as cooking oil.

Mount Meru Millers, the Njiro based manufacturer of ‘Sunola’ and ‘Goldy’ brands of cooking oils had an unusual New Year gift on 10th January 2010 from the Arusha Municipal Council. The Council’s authorities that year ordered it shut and production stopped because it kept repeating the same mistake it did in 2006.

The edible-oil producing factory had been clouding the entire Themi-Hills area with dark, pungent fumes of Carbon Monoxide from its giant boilers while at the same time gushing murky waters from its drainage pipes.

The factory, a division of Meru Petroleum Limited, was established in 1993 by Tarsem Chand and his wife Kanta Devi Mittal. The establishment produces, Soyola, Sunola, Goldy and Floral brands of cooking oils under (as it was discovered) filthy conditions.

The Arusha Municipal Council moved in to padlock the Mount Meru Millers, after series of complaints from Njiro residents who have been suffering the pollution from the oil processing factory.

Mount Meru Millers was served an official order with reference number MOH/FM/Vol.III/304 which was signed by one P.O Nyange on the 2nd of January 2009 instructing the management to stop production forthwith.

The dispatch was received by John Laizer who was identified as the factory manager.
In 2010, the Factory owner in Tanzania, Tarsem Chand Aggarwal a local businessman admitted to have been served with the Municipal notice to close down the Mills on Friday, January 2, 2009.

Speaking over the phone with the local media Arusha Times, Tarsem also agreed that this was the second time that Mount Meru Millers was being accused of spewing out heavy, choking carbon fumes and spilling untreated thick, dark and dirty oily waters from its sewers.

Occupation Safety and Health Administration in Arusha (OSHA) officials who also visited the factory reported to have found dire working conditions within its premises and slammed another order for the management to rectify the problem before facing further actions.

On the other hand the Arusha chapter for National Environment Management Commission (NEMC) was reportedly to be also in the process of taking its own action against the Mount Meru Millers whose carbon footprint there keeps getting larger.

The closure of the factory cames a few days after Dr. Batilda Buriani, the minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Environment) a cabinet minister ordered the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to audit industrial plants in Arusha suspected of defying environmental regulations.

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