Mtayachalo urges opppsition to defend themselves

Mtayachalo urges opppsition to defend themselves

He writes ๐Ÿ‘‡

Don’t depend on the police the security of your members is not guaranteed.

Make sure you strengthen your security team wherever bye elections are taking place so that you can meet these thugs head on because you have the right to defend yourselves.

This is what happens when you have a bunch of illiterates as cadres who think by beating political opponents with offensive weapons,it is normal and part of the game.

It happened in Nkhanka ward in Chama North after sensing defeat in the election,PF thugs who were hired from isoka caused terror beating up UPND leaders and scaring their members at Chibale polling station from voting but police watched helplessly.

This kind of barbaric acts being perpetuated by these political thugs must come to an end and it is only because there is no political will from those who are in charge of security apparatus to end this madness.

How did late President Mwanawasa control thuggery behaviour among MMD cadres, because he had political will?

Anyway the message to these thugs is that their delays are numbered.

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