MTN, Airtel abetted Pamela Gondwe’ s escape

MTN, Airtel abetted Pamela Gondwe’ s escape

ZAMBIAN security wings are up in arms against Airtel and MTN for refusing to grant them authority to trail fugitive bank robber Pamela Gondwe’s phone calls a few hours before she fled the country.
Immediately when the robbery was reported, the Police, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) contacted the two mobile phone providers to provide call trails and track the communication pattern for Pamela but they declined despite there being a search warrant.
The security wings immediately got hold of all the phone numbers that Pamela was using and they were MTN and Airtel. Urgent contacts were made to senior executives of Airtel and MTN including the managing directors but they did not cooperate.
Latest investigation have now revealed that Pamela only carried very little money with her when she boarded the Ethiopian Airline plane at Lusaka International Airport. But it is true that she walked away with a bag full of money from the bank.
“The money remained, she had no excess luggage. The mobile service providers frustrated all the efforts. They even stopped picking calls and some CEO even switched off his phone,” the source said.
With the provision of call records from Pamela’s phones it would have been easy to track the money and know who else was working with her.
The service providers only provided the demanded information on Pamela’s phone registers one week after she had fled. The security wings have since called for empowerment of police, DEC and ACC with adequate facilities to access key information from criminals without going through the bureaucracies of mobile Service Providers who seem to have no reverence for urgent security matters.
Meanwhile TANZANIA and other neighboring countries are unwilling to assist arrest Pamela Gondwe because of the previous failure by Zambia to eject many foreign criminals that are residing in Zambia and have linked with senior government officials.
A lot of desperate appeals have been made by Tanzanian security to Zambia before to assist them in arresting criminals who commit serious crimes in that country and run across the boarders for safety.
It has also been established that there is actually no serious search being conducted by Tanzanian authorities for Pamela who landed in that country two weeks ago after robbing her employer, Barclays Bank, of over $400,000.
There should be willingness from a country where a criminal has run to to assist in effecting the arrest as Interpol (international Police) subscriptions and adherence was not mandatory but voluntary.
So far Tanzania does not appear willing to pursue Pamela’s case despite them confirming that she landed in their country on the same day she stole the money and fled the country. It also explains why they CCTV video captured her arrival at the airport but strangely no arrest was made.

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  • comment-avatar

    Intenal jod . many are involved even those who have remained and helping to find a thief . fellow workers. kkkkk kuli ekotuleya .

  • comment-avatar
    nineo 2 weeks ago

    Bashi Nono, please do not appologise on our (many Zambians), please appologise on behalf of the pf cadres!

  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    I agree with Bashi Nono. Our cops are so dull and illiterate as regards data laws.

    The way forward is for the loss adjustors / insurance firm to hire a professional investigator who can easily track down this girl.

  • comment-avatar
    sims76 2 weeks ago

    I cant understand the all mistake which the security wings made in ms pamela one bringht winter mourning barclays bank vault robbery of $ 400 000 whiff of money with eagle cameras and motion sensor mounted inside the vault and the managers office. Did the security wing first reported to ZICTA or did they went strainght to airtel and mtn by passing ZICTA if they by passed it then there is a dolls bad news within a security wing and thats why ms pamela has to vanish in thin air at AIRPORTS IN ZED AND TZ. Thats the way ms pamela crumbles her tricks and i know there is always prize tag for ms pamela to the police, dec, anti corruption and interpol. Ms pamela enjoy your whiff of money and those suckers who are looking for you they are dead without money.

  • comment-avatar
    Auria 2 weeks ago

    Not impressed by the whole thing. You fail to catch and arrest people that have been raping the country’s economy and want to pretend that you are going all out to catch a gisl who took peanuts from the kitchen…

  • comment-avatar
    abilima 2 weeks ago

    So, this girl emptied a Vault of a major Bank, went to distribute/hide the loot, went to KKIA, boarded Ethiopian (probably First Class (VIP treatment)), landed at Dar, jumped into a limo and disappeared? So, even a terrorist (assuming Pamela is not) would be accorded such VIP treatment across countries in this region after causing massive damage in one country just because of security vendettas????

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 2 weeks ago

    Right on point Bashi Nono. Airtel and MTN were right in refusing to grant security personnel access. We entrust our data to these phone companies in order for them never to used against us. If they get any powers, where would it stop? Political enemies would be next. I’m a little more comforted that my data is safe but their capitulation a week later worries me. They should have stood their ground and kept to their BIG FAT NO.  Unfortunately, it may mean some criminals getting away. That’s what freedom means.

  • comment-avatar
    Bashi Nono 2 weeks ago

    Our Zambia security wing is simply desperate for their cut. Don’t they honestly know that Airtel and MTN are privately owned companies where safety and security of customer data is a corporate responsibility not only in Zambia but worldwide! Mind you VVIP visiting Zambia roam on the very network being asked for customer data and foolishly our cadres at these security wings think it happens just like that, Even FBI couldn’t get Data off an iPhone from Apple. Please bane, before you embarrass us even to investors like MTN and Airtel, MULEBELENGA KO NA MA BUSINESS LAWS ON DATA PROTECTION… On behalf of the many Zambians laughing at these hungry Hyenas, allow me to extend my apologies to MTN & Airtel for the nonsense brought to your doors by our cadres, you see, like their leader they can’t see what they are doing but simply want to loot something not reflective of the entire Zambian population, please accept our apologise and please don’t even give them nothing.