MTN Headquarter gasses

MTN Headquarter gasses

MTN HQ office has been reportedly gased by unknown suspect, so all employees sent home.

A person at MTN offices said ‘There is heavy presence of police at MTN HQ and everyone has been asked to vacate the building.. Apparently an individual was caught on Camera at 02 am spraying some chemicals in the entire building!! This is issue is now getting out of hand,,

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    Simwale 2 weeks ago

    Are those caught gassing not taking police to their camp? There’s no way when others are caught and this could continue. Something must be wrong here coz those that were caught could tell who sent them and where have they camped from.

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    The Opposition will be blamed for all these because of their careless rants.What you should know is Lungu is still the president of Zambia, whether the economy is upside down at present moment? This one year remaining before next general election will be painful and opposition parties should learn to torn their language and abide by the rules of the game .If these terrorist acts continue I see Lungu postponing the elections from next year to maybe few years later till the country gets to normalcy and the opposition started behaving and respecting his rule.The constitution does allow him to pick and choose a safer date for the general elections.I foresee this coming

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    This calls for wisdom,there sides that are contending, and also parties that are enemies.

    That’s where all this is coming from. Who among the enemies of the current Govt can want to fix those in power to discredit them beyond repair ? Yes people have changed due to an erring economy, But who would want to anoy the communities more so that they settle the scores with those in government? Did we have any threats against those in power? Yes . persons issued threats …who has the capacity to finance these terrorist advances against the innocent citizens of Zambia and for what benefit?

    Propaganda,rumors,mob psychology, are the tools the enemy is using to cause descent among the population… We the ordinary are being punished but the access of evil.

    To remove those in government, sale your manifesto Zambians will buy into your ideas and will vote for change. But to allow an individual to do this to us the voters all for the benefit of getting into power is worse than the current government.

    What is happening now is in a measure comparable to what boko haram dose to innocent Nigerians. Now who can consive such cruelity heartlessly in this land? Who have declared the selves enemies of the president and the current government? Have they openly issued threats ? There has been a build up to this. Even false prophets are at it, they want to change government at all costs through punishing the voters. Alarming us,spreading fear,distrust just to fix president Lungu… The whole truth is that us the voters can will vote to change government not the terrorist attacks which may be masterminded by individuals that are from far.

    This puzzle must the considered carefully by all well meaning citizens, this should be fought squarely for it indicates that some is making us fight and burn our public facilities and also mob psychology that punishes suspects that usually may not be guilty.

    Somone is diturbilizing the peace adding to the already bad situation we are facing.

    This time should have been used to sot out real issues and real threats eg the corona virus that can be more devastating that what we are enduring right now.The focus is being diverted…

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      someone is commenting like they know whats up and they wanna blame the oppposition

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    And the police are saying there’s no evidence.