MTN policy of giving foreigners senior positions

MTN policy of giving foreigners senior positions

At MTN Zambia, almost all senior positions have been given to foreigners when there are a number of Zambians that can do the job.

Meanwhile, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who has been at MTN for seven years now is allegedly not registered by the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants. According to sources from both the immigration departmnent and ZICA, a number of positions including head of Information Technology, Head of Enterprise and Business Unit and Chief Sales and Distribution Officer has either been given to Nigerians, Ghananians or South Africans. One source says for a Zambian in the above named grade, K40000 is paid as a salary while foreigners get between US4000 and US 5000 as Housing allowance, Sustainance allowance is pegged at US 3000 per month while also enjoying free medical and access to International Schools for the children. ” The problem is that the Vice President for MTN is West African so he is sending a lot of West Africans to do jobs that Zambians can do,” one source said. Among the West African occupying these positions are Ruffi Abdul in Charge of IT and Edmond Batwuah incharge of Enterprise Business Unit.

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    Mwaba 5 days ago

    This is worse at Zambia Breweries and condition of service are pathetic. They have brought in foreigners with I’ll qualification, they get huge salaries when in fact they don’t understand what they do. They give Zambians lower positions and give them peanuts when they are the ones doing all the works.

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    zambia 6 days ago

    Investigate these companies,even some seed companies bringing a foreigner as head when he doesnt understand our local market

  • comment-avatar
    jhon zulu 6 days ago

    its not just MTN most foreign companies that how it is zambians paid less , i think our labour laws are not effective

  • comment-avatar
    Neymor 6 days ago

    ACC investigate these thieves