MTN squeezes little profit from mobile money agents

MTN squeezes little profit from mobile money agents

Good evening…can u post for me and hide my details…I’m an MTN agent now the operations by the MTN company is becoming bad n unfavorable for us as agents…when we make commission they are deducting a large some of money from us at the month ends…if we ask for the reason why they are doing that they are just saying we are splitting transactions…we have visited their offices that we can have statements of how those splitting transactions come about but they fail to provide…another issue has risen when it comes to float sharing between agents…sharing float is for free as we don’t make profit out of it but now they have started deducting large some of money and they re claiming there is a technical challenge with their system…the system is sometimes restored to normal and they will send messages that everything is normal but the money they re deducting after doing that float transfer they are not giving back

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    Chris mapulanga 2 weeks ago

    So nomba imwe what is your way forward knowing that you can’t even sue the company?