Mucheleka’s calibre is what Zambia needs – UPND

Mucheleka’s calibre is what Zambia needs – UPND

77d72e0f4c7abda96962d4ae4b39d982 79fc897c07a7e2cfa673f2d8c39f87e5 82175546a74431209d0dd5e72277f5d0 c9378c913c8e00d155b037d10d25ffaeHon. Patrick Mucheleka’s active involvement as a key pillar of the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction organisation, and later as a principled and hardworking Member of Parliament for Lubansenshi Constituency is exactly what the people of Zambia, and Lubansenshi in particular, needs.

Our recent tours and interactions with our brothers and sisters have highlighted to us key poverty reduction strategies that have not been implemented despite numerous pronouncements by our friends in leadership.

The stalled cattle restocking exercise for our citizens in this part of the country, as well as many other areas, is urgently needed to help reduce poverty.

The benefits from this exercise alone are numerous, from strengthening the financial position of households to broader economic stabilisation and diversification away from our traditional metal exports.

The strategic location of this province to our neighbours can be harnessed for the supply of value-added beef and other meat products to great benefit for our citizens at household level and thereby greatly reduce poverty levels in the country. This is a priority Hon. Mucheleka is passionate about.

There are such short term measures that can be taken to put our economy and development on a path that will be greatly admired by other African nations.

We have stated before that being in leadership should be a service for MP, Ministers and President.

For us Hon. Mucheleka, and others like him, are what the country needs for both short and long term poverty reduction through massive industrialisation and economic diversification measures.

It is such a shame that we are exporting raw material such as maize grain instead of mealie meal.

It really bothers us that we have no simple factories that can adequately package even simple agricultural products such as potatoes. Now our potatoes are mainly exported to neighbouring countries where they are basically just washed and properly packaged and later exported to us again at a higher price and in foreign exchange that eventually weakens our currency.

We have huge potential in animals such as cattle for our country to attract investment in beef and other meat products. Further, our animal skins just go to waste when we can have leather processing factories to the benefit of our farmers, which would also help create local jobs for our youths.

Even within the mining sector, which has been the backbone of our economy, we have had raw metal exports such as copper since time immemorial when we can easily industrialise and start exporting copper sheets and other finished products instead of copper ore.

We understand some projects may be short and long term but not taking a step now is no solution at all and takes us further away from the day we can all benefit and take pride.

Given Zambia’s geographical position we also know that with the right investment and vision we can be a major player in the airline and tourism industry in Africa.

As we have been saying, for us Hon. Mucheleka would be a great asset for the people of Lubansenshi, and after the 2016 elections he would be a great asset to the nation by working with us in Government. It is now for the people of this area to practically endorse him for such a valuable position.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity

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