Muchinga MP living in fear over PF police ordeal

Muchinga MP Howard Kunda, who is also son to late vice-president is now living in fear after a strange ordeal with dictator Michael Sata’s PF police.

A close friend to the MP has told the Watchdog that on Sunday, 13th January, Mr. Kunda received a phone call from 0977318972 around 23:49 hours from a Supt. Zulu from Police headquarters who asked him to immediately report himself to police headquarters without fail.

The MP obliged and reported to the police the following day, but to his surprise, Police officers from room 21 just started inspecting vehicle alleging that he was involved in an accident which he did not report.

But Kunda told the police that he had never been in an accident, but the police immediately started to check how his Jeep’s wheels are fitted, a development that worried him.

The Police later told Mr. Kunda to go because they just wanted to know his vehicle.

When contacted for comment, Kunda only said he does not know where the country was going to.

He said as a God fearing person, he believes the Lord will protect him from evil.

Mr. Kunda is one of the people who has been driving MMD president, Nevers Mumba to police stations.

Recently, the Watchdog, reported that the current spate of brutal murders and raising crime in the country maybe a preamble to high profile assassinations and road accidents that may occur.

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