Mufulira can change political terrain

Mufulira can change political terrain


In 1969, at height of the cabinet crisis Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe resigned as Republican Vice President and UNIP Vice president respectively and hence lost his position in the National Assembly.

A patriot from Mufurila resigned his position in the National Assembly to allow Kapwepwe to contest in the ensuing by-election.

Kenneth Kaunda was so infuriated with the course of action by the laws maker to accommodate Kapwepwe in the political process. Kaunda decided to ban Kapwepwe from entering the town of Mufurila the entire campaign period.

The people of Mufurila watch Kaunda campaign for his candidate without allowing Kapwepwe and his agents to campaign. Violence was unleashed on who ever sided with Kapwepwe.

Come election day people of Mufurila mobilised themselves in large numbers to go and vote. And when election results were announced Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was declared winner. He won the by-election without setting a foot in Mufurila to campaign.

That is Mufurila for you.

Another town in Zambia that gives a signal in politics is Luanshya.

Ignore Mufurila and Luanshya at your own political peril.

If you want to know and understand what I am talking about consult Kenneth Kaunda

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