Mufulira can change political terrain

Mufulira can change political terrain


In 1969, at height of the cabinet crisis Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe resigned as Republican Vice President and UNIP Vice president respectively and hence lost his position in the National Assembly.

A patriot from Mufurila resigned his position in the National Assembly to allow Kapwepwe to contest in the ensuing by-election.

Kenneth Kaunda was so infuriated with the course of action by the laws maker to accommodate Kapwepwe in the political process. Kaunda decided to ban Kapwepwe from entering the town of Mufurila the entire campaign period.

The people of Mufurila watch Kaunda campaign for his candidate without allowing Kapwepwe and his agents to campaign. Violence was unleashed on who ever sided with Kapwepwe.

Come election day people of Mufurila mobilised themselves in large numbers to go and vote. And when election results were announced Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was declared winner. He won the by-election without setting a foot in Mufurila to campaign.

That is Mufurila for you.

Another town in Zambia that gives a signal in politics is Luanshya.

Ignore Mufurila and Luanshya at your own political peril.

If you want to know and understand what I am talking about consult Kenneth Kaunda

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    MUFULIRA finshi voters are in the village

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    Ronald Lwamba 2 weeks ago

    The major reason why Kapwepwe won the election in Mufulira was that Mufulira was a stronghold of ANC. It hated UNIP with a passion and called its leader, KK “medina fyalo”, a foreigner and “chipumi because of his prominent forehead. In bars you were only allowed to drink Lion lager, the ANC’s symbol and not Castle lager. He stood against Kamalondo, a mine shift Boss, a very high post at the time and was later promoted as am MCC in honour of having stood against Kapwepwe.He later told us students (I was from Kantanshi together with Cosmas Chola who was Unzasu president). KK was annoyed that a mere student leader was also called president and from that time other than himself nobody was to be called president and FTJ became Chairman Genera
    L of ZCTU.

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    Ceejeyy 2 weeks ago

    Mufulira we want change, Luanshya we want change, Ndola we want change, CB we want change. Zed we want change. Condoms $17,000 000 dollars.

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    Ceejeyy 2 weeks ago

    Mufulira we want change.

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    Observer 2 weeks ago

    I spoke to a number of people in Mufulira who insisted that the helicopter was only left in the stadium. I find difficult believe the president was snubbed and only children were there.It is like HH getting a snub in More Monze. Where were all the officials. When the president is on CB many people travel from other towns to where he is. What I understand is that the helicopter only landed in the stadium and a meeting was held at a hall near the town centre. The PF support may have dropped but they will still win Mufulira. The media will help us to report factually even on parties you do not support.

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    Mr Maks 2 weeks ago


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    Chunga 2 weeks ago

    Ba PF you think you own Zambia. You will see, in Mufulira, there is wind of change. We are telling you what we’re seeing on the ground. Mufulira town has been neglected for too long, people have changed their minds. This time ni Zambia forward, no more dununa reverse.

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    Waka kasonde 2 weeks ago



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    Mandanda 2 weeks ago

    Upnd you will not win elections on social media and through wishful thinking. That happened to Kapwepwe in 1969 so you wish to happen to your Hichilema. Dull boys and girls.

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      @Mandanda. Who the hell do you think you are to call people who disagree with your political stance Dull boys and girls??? It is because of people like you Zambia needs a change for the better.

      We applaud our brother and sisters in Mufurila for leading the way.

      Mufurila leads the way to a New Era in Zambia

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      Ceejeyy 2 weeks ago

      Mandanda HH is winning God has chosen him already. Zambia can not develope with pipo who can’t think like you. With all the things PF has damaged you still support it? Killings, gassing, 48 houses, expired medicine and condoms worth $17,000 000 million dollars not finished kwacha? You are fool. Mufulira weldone, Luanshya weldone, Copperbelt you coming up, keep it up. Retirees REPATRIATION since 2013 not paid by PF, retirees lump sum not paid for a long time now, only social cash is everywhere to win votes, not this time ba PF, this time in August you will hook dry fish. We want change.

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    Mwamona Nomba 2 weeks ago

    I feel petty for the unPatriotic Front. Why can’t you direct all that energy and resources you have allocated to track, harass, attack and get ride of HH to stopping the corruption at Ministry of Health.
    Zambian’s will never forgive you, for putting their live at risk. Insoni ebuntu, mark my words.

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    Mufulira does not pretend 2 weeks ago

    Abena Mufulira ngabafulwa Ichalo chilatenkanya 2021 mukamona ba mwankole!!!!!!