Mufulira DC collapses and dies while preaching on New year’s eve

Mufulira District Commissioner (DC) Beatrice Mithi has died.

Ms Mithi collapsed in church last night and died on the spot.

‘She collapsed whilst she was preaching the New Year Gospel at Chawama Hall in Mufulira,’ said a church-goer.

Sometime in mid October 2013, Mithi collapsed after allegedly inhaling the highly-toxic sulphur-dioxide emission by Mopani Copper Mines (MCM).

Ms Mithi who was asthmatic, fainted soon after she inhaled the toxic sulphur-dioxide emission which had just been discharged into the atmosphere from the MCM’s plant in Kankoyo.

She was taken to the hospital unconscious where she was admitted and put to on oxygen. She was discharged after some days.

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