Mufulira is now hell

The Editor!

The People of Mufulira are floating on the Flames of Hell. Hell has come to the People Mufulira. Some years ago, its used to be called ‘Mighty Mufulira a Place of Abundant’, but with the coming of our friends who works like the Hyenas, taking our Economy straight into the Hell, things are now opposite.

‘Mighty Mufulira a Place Of Poverty’. For a couple of days now the town of Mufulira has no Mealiemeal. Last week when i launched my complaint over the shortages of Mealiemeal here in Mufulira, i recelved all sorts of calls/insults from a Bunch of IDIOTS who claimed having come from the Ministry of Agric. Agric & Livestock Minister, Given Lubinda is almost totally deaf, a total inability to hear ; he has ears but do not hear ‘ali namatu but sanvela nigonthi’. Here is my line again 0968921334 Please let GIVEN page me and i will send transport to him, the hungry People of Mufulira wanting to see him. We in Mufulira would prefer staying in Hell than Zambia. Lubinda cheated me, my Family and the whole Zambia at large. He went to DeadNBC and openly lied to the whole Nation saying that his Ministry has enough grains on Stock.Today i went round Mufulira only to find a 25kg of Roller meal which was going at K90 in Butondo Township. Hell on Zambia! Our Country Zambia is suffering because of the Visionless poor leadership of GIVEN and his Colleagues. Lubinda and your friends you’re all liars. Remember what you said , if we would give you our votes you would bring us nsima on our tables, you would reduce the prices of Mealiemeal


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