Mufulira runs out of millie meal

Mufulira runs out of millie meal

mufulira-town-centreThe entire Mufulira has run out of millie meal and residents are observing the Ester on empty stomachs.

A Watchdog check shows that there has been no millie meal in the once proud mining town but now a ghost town from Friday.

By Friday, a 25 kg bag of millie meal was selling at K130 (K130 000 old currency) but only few outlets had the staple food in stock. By Saturday, millie meal was only found on the black market and selling at more than K150, 000.

By Sunday, even the black market had run out of the food.

The government response has been that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has bought off the millie meal from all shops in Zambia. Just imagine the type of jokers we have as leader!!

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