Mufumbwe bye-election result nullified

A Lusaka High Court has nullified the result of the recently held Mufumbwe bye-election.

High Court Judge Philip Musonda this morning nullified the election of UPND’s Eliot Kamwendo as MP.

Judge Musonda said that both the respondent and the petitioner brought witnesses before the court who testified that there was political violence in the Mufumbwe by elections.

Judge Musonda also said suspended Electoral Commission of Zambia Director Dan Kalale also testified before the court that the violence in Mufumbwe was unprecedented and the worst of its kind in Zambia’s political history.

The Judge further said that he has nullified the result because the violence that characterized it  affected the voter turnout.

He said that according to his findings, there was extreme violence,intimidation and destruction of property in Mufumbwe adding that this shall forever leave a scar on Zambia’s political scene.

Judge Musonda added that democracy is about ideas and not hacking one another with pangas and appealed to the Attorney General to compensate one of the victims who lost his eye.

He also said the Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde should learn a lesson from the Mufumbwe experience that anyone including the police could be victims of political violence.

Judge Musonda has also appealed to Zambians and political and traditional leaders to avoid practicing tribalism as this a recipe to violence as the country goes to the polls in 2011.

This was in the case in which losing MMD candidate Mulondwe Muzungu petitioned the election of UPND candidate Eliot Kamwendo as MP for Mufumbwe constituency in the April 29, 2010 by-election.

 Muzungu wanted the high court to nullify the election results on grounds that the electoral process was marred with violence.

He asked the court to declare the election of the opposition MP null and void.
Muzungu claimed that there was overwhelming evidence of violence during the elections in Mufumbwe and that the atmosphere was not conducive for the holding of free and fare elections.

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