Mufumbwe ignores Sata

Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata is having problems drawing residents of Northwestern province to his rallies.

Sata is currently in Zambezi district after addressing a small crowd comprising mainly excited children in Mufumbe on Saturday.

Sata was expected to address series of rallies in Mufumbwe district but only managed to hold one small rally and left the district after it became apparent that people were not responding to the massive advertisement of his event.

Some of the people who attended the rally told the Watchdog that people boycotted Sata’s event because they still remember that a few years ago, he called the people of Northwestern province buttocks.

Another person explained that people shunned the rally because some of the Solwezi accident victims were still in the mortuary and not yet buried and said traditionally, it was wrong for Sata to resume campaigning in the area when people were still mourning.

Sata failed to pay even one courtesy call on any of the traditional leaders in Mufumbwe as is usually the custom by most politicians.

At the poorly attended rally, PF senior official Willie Nsanda said the name Rupiah Banda means rubbish.

Sata later told the small crowd that the MMD has overstayed in power and should be replaced by the PF.

He told the people that the PF candidate Betty Mushala is the best candidate for Mufumbe.

Mushla is the son of former rebel leader Adamson Mushala who caused mayhem and loss of lives in Northwestern province in the 1970s.

Mushala waged war against the Zambian government from 1975 until he was shot dead by the Zambia Army in 1982, putting an end to the eight-year scourge of abductions, looting and burning of villages.


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