Mufumbwe targeted for rigging


Mufumbwe constituency which is well known for confusions during parliamentary bye – elections is embroiled in a lot of confusions as the election day for the january 2015 presidential bye – election draws closer. The reliable information obtained is that ballot papers for the presidential bye – election were brought between the 14th and 15th of january 2015 without the knowledge of the political parties and other election monitors. On 15th January, 2015, Some of the ballot papers were taken to places like lalafuta, shipandanga, kabanga, and Miluji without the knowledge of the interested parties. The campaigns have been going on very well in all the political parties camps, however, the coming of ex-prisoner steven masumba has caused a lot of vote buying, all efforts by the opposition to stop this electoral malpractice has been in vain, especially that the police is compromised, As a way of avoiding embarrassment during the PF rally on 16th January 2015, masumba and one well known PF official from Solwezi went to give call boys at Mufumbwe Bus Station with K10 notes, the ex – prisoner also transported poverty – stricken villages from the nearby communities and gave them K5 as payment for attending the PF rally. At press time, Masumba (ex – prisoner) was spotted in communities in the southern part of the constituency distributed K5 notes, gallant citizen are likely to effect a citizen arrest anytime from now. We also traced the sneaking in of Edgar Lungu in Mufumbwe at night, even all the meetings that where held at the priest Banda’s house were well followed and  all the other  meetings that the PF candidate had with DC Mankishi, and some presiding officers (names withheld) were well followed .


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