Mufumbwe voter: Masumba rejected

Dear Editor,

Kindly withhold my identity for more unfolding information in Mufumbwe

The PF Party officials in Mufumbwe have rejected the candidacy of Steven Masumba saying that what he has done to the people of Mufumbwe is so indelible that no one can vote for him despite him trying to contest the seat under PF. Masumba has further been accused of working in isolation by ignoring the Party structures and instead has formed his own parallel organs he is using which has made the PF members even more incensed. They have accused him of being very pompous to a level where he feels he is untouchable. Some of the members have planned to protest against his candidacy tomorrow on Monday.

On the other hand, Masumba with his desperation has already started campaigning publicly when the official period is only from 11 October 2012. Yesterday, Masumba and his parallel organs were dishing out money and vitenge materials at Katumba in Kizela, Tandiza and Chawama areas. Everyone now is wondering if President and ECZ has allowed this. Masumba has realised that things on the ground are working against him. People have remained resolute to put him to shame. All he has done in the past one year is moving around with musicians like Dandy Crazy making the electorate wonder if that’s development that is in PF. Equally his morality has come under serious scrutiny after hearing that he is alleged to have forged a certificate at NIPA besides him divorcing and marrying within a very short period. He is too much a play boy.

People in Matushi are saying they have warned Hon. Kamondo not to allow himself be used at the expense of Masumba who they want to teach a lesson he will live to remember. This was after hearing that PF want to make Kamondo as Masumba’s Campaign Manager. They have equally dared Kamondo not stand under PF because he never consulted them before joining the ruling party.

As we speak, Masumba is panting to an extent where he is alleged to have called some named MMD District, Constituency and Ward officials who he has promised to induce with K5million each if they push for adoption of weak candidates such as Mulondwe Muzungu and Shimika because he is very scared of Stanford Mulusa and John Zhaimo who are favorites to be adopted. Moreover Masumba is having sleepless nights to see MMD and UPND working side by side in Mufumbwe to ensure PF does not scoop the seat irrespective of the candidate it will field. UPND and MMD in Mufumbwe has vowed to field one candidate on MMD ticket a move anticipated those in top leadership will endorse.

Over and above, people of Mufumbwe have resolved not to engage in any form of violence and are claiming that only PF can be violent especially going by tenets that have prematurely started manifesting in Masumba’s questionable early campaigns.

Watch space for more info and pictures of people being corrupted by Masumba.

Thank you

Mufumbwe Voter

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