Mugabe gives chief Mukuni 7 elephants

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has given seven elephants to Zambia’s chief Mukuni.

According to the Daily Nation, President Mugabe  last month promised to give elephants to chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of southern Zambia when the 85-year-old Zimbabwean leader visited the chiefdom during a traditional ceremony.

Mr Mukuni, whose chiefdom borders Zimbabwe, runs several tourism ventures and tames wild animals in Livingstone – the tourist capital of Zambia – situated about 472km south of Lusaka.

Transform tourism

During the August 7 traditional ceremony, President Mugabe, who was the guest of honour, described chief Mukuni as “a chief of chiefs” because of his initiatives to transform tourism into a business that helped develop his chiefdom.

President Mugabe explained that he did not personally know chief Mukuni until when the chief travelled the Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, earlier this year and asked for elephants from him.

“You are not just a chief, and I think I would want to regard you as a chief of chiefs. The initiative that has seen this place transformed is the wonder. How many of us are capable of doing it? If all chiefs were able to do this in their various areas, development would be much easier for governments,” remarked President Mugabe, in power since the 1980.

Chief Mukuni

Chief Mukuni

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