Mugabe holding $1M party while Zambia gets loan for Zimbabwe

While the Zambian government is acquiring loans on behalf of Zimbabwe, that country’s president is holding a birthday party that will cost more one million dollars.

Lion, elephant, buffalo and impala meat will be served at a lavish birthday celebration for Zimbabwe’s president, infuriating animal rights groups.

Robert Mugabe’s guests will dine on more than $US120,000 ($154,000) worth of wild animals at his 91st birthday party later this month.

And ZANU PF youths are planning to raise not less than $1 million by this month end towards President Mugabe 91st birthday bash to be held in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwe has one of the weakest economies in the world, but that has never stopped its nonagenarian leader from hosting lavish birthday parties year after year. It will be no different for his 91st birthday.

The ruling party’s youth secretary for finance, Tongai Kasukuwere told New that so far fundraising is half way through and they were expecting more donations from individuals and companies.

“We have sourced more than half of what we want and more companies and individuals are promising to contribute in the near future,” said Kasukuwere.

Local farmer Tendai Musasa promised to donate two elephants, two buffalo, two sables, five impalas and a lion for the February 28 event, Zimbabwe’s Chronicle newspaper reported.

“This is our way of supporting the function and to ensure a celebratory mood in our community as well,” Musasa said.

“The total value is $120,000. This reflects the money we get annually and we thought this would be a perfect gesture.”

Musasa added: “At the moment we are making arrangements with the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to slaughter these animals a few days before the day. We are also liaising with the hotel that will keep the meat.”

About 20,000 people are expected to attend the Elephant Hills Resort bash.

However animal rights groups have slammed the menu as unethical.

“I am not in favour of anyone donating wild animals for a celebration or for any other reason,”

Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force chairman Johnny Rodrigues said.

“They have been doing this for years now. Every time there is a celebration or on independence day, several elephants and buffalo are killed for the celebrations. This is totally unethical and should not be allowed.”


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