Mugabe is not the kind of person to honour with gun salutes

By Wright Musoma

I don’t think President Robert Mugabe was the right person to invite to Zambia to officially open this year’s agriculture commercial Shaw and to be accorded such kind of welcome with the 21 salute gun. Sata and his minions are very wrong because we cannot give it a blind eye to the facts that Mugabe’s continuous violation of democratic tenets in his country and his insistence to continue in power the past three decades, also, has resulted in the loss of thousands of people’s lives in that country and led to the collapse of that country’s economy.

What Sata is forgetting is that we are the pioneers of democracy in Africa and as such we can’t be seen to be contradicting ourselves by honouring the person who has with stood the very thing we helped initiate. The only trouble is that Sata too like his new found god father,Mugabe, is also a dictator who does not believe in democracy. However, in case his advisers are scared to tell him the truth, Mr President what you have done to invite Mugabe to open the agriculture show in Zambia is wrong.

If you really love Mugabe, you should have been honest with him by telling him to relinquish is presidency to the young generation. He has been there for too long and he is now too old and weak to continue serving as a president as if there are no people who can take over from him. He should be told the truth that Zimbabwe has a lot of brains from his party, the private as well as the opposition political parties to carry the country forward.

But the problem with our president is that he thinks by siding or supporting Robert Mugabe he will become a hero. To the contrary he is just messing up himself as well as the standing of our great nation to the international community. Sata must not fool people by even joining Mugabe into denouncing our former colonial masters because he has never been a freedom fighter before. In steady he was a police constable who was even helping the same colonial masters arrest, harass and frustrate our freedom fighters. In fact if it were in other countries, Michael Sata would not have even been president of Zambia today.

If president Sata wants to be a hero, he should never resort to orthodox methods of running the country because things have changed and so are people. Lies have got limits and you cannot fool people all the time. In fact some people cannot be fooled. The best he can do is to give our people a proper constitution, root out corruption, fulfil his campaign promises and build on the legacy of MMD among other things. Lies and denouncing the supposedly colonial masters that he even fails to distinguish will never help him.

If Mugabe was a great leader, he should have raised his successor or given the people of Zimbabwe chance to choose the leader of their choice by now like in other countries. But a lot of people have been killed because his thirst for power and that’s the man Sata is forcing our people to welcome and learn from. Come on, what can we learn from Robert Mugabe?

The Author, Wright Musoma is the president of Zambia Republican Party ZRP

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