Mugabe jets in talks, about same old story of Zambia liberating Zim

President Michael Sata today held official talks with visiting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

The talks, which were held at State House in Lusaka, lasted for over 30 minutes.

Speaking during the meeting, President Mugabe praised Zambia for the role she played in helping Zimbabwe get her independence.

President Mugabe said Zambia and other African countries played a critical role in ensuring that Zimbabwe was liberated adding that
Zambia sacrificed a lot and carried a heavy burdens for the sake of Zimbabwe.

Mr. Mugabe explained that after Zambia got her Independence in 1964, Zimbabwe started using her (Zambia) as ground where people could meet
and strategies on how best to end colonialism.

He said because of this cooperation, countries in Africa are still united and are there for each other.

He noted that this cooperation should continue for the benefit of the future generation.

Mr. Mugabe said this is why there is need for the older generation who were present during that time to impart knowledge to the new
generation on the past experiences.

And President Mugabe has congratulated African ministers for working together during the just ended Africa Union (AU) summit which saw the
ushering into office of South Africa’s Nkonsizane Dlamini Zuma as Chairperson for the AU commission.

Mr. Mugabe said this is an indication that African countries are ready to support and work with one other.

He also noted that he was grateful to President Sata for having invited him for the state visit and official opening of the 86th
Agriculture and Commercial Show.

He noted that the last time he attended such an occasion in Zambia was during the reign of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

Earlier, President Sata expressed gratitude to President Mugabe for accepting the invitation to come to Zambia.

Mr. Sata added that Zambia will take advantage of President Mugabe’s visit to Zambia and learn something from the visit.

President Mugabe, who arrived this afternoon, is in country for a three days state visit and is expected to officially open the 86th
Agriculture and Commercial Show on Saturday.

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