Mugabe sends Sata unknown message through his defence minister

Mugabe sends Sata unknown message through his defence minister

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe ‘s special Envoy Sydney Sekeramayi Tuesday afternoon met  President Michael Sata at State House in Lusaka.

The meeting was held behind closed doors and no proper information about the meeting has been released except that he delivered a special message..

According to media reports in Zimbabwe, Sekeramanyi is now the man favoured by  Mugabe to take over from him.

Dr. Sydney Tigere Sekeramayi (born March 30, 1944[1]) is a Zimbabwean politician who has served as a minister in the Cabinet since independence in 1980. He was Minister of Defence from 2001 to 2009, and he has been Minister of State Security since 2009. During the Rhodesian Bush War, Sekeramayi served as the Zimbabwe African National Union‘s representative in Sweden. After the war he served as the Minister of National Security, Deputy Secretary of Health Minister for National Security, and Minister for Transport and Welfare.

In Rhodesia his school expelled him. He moved to Czechoslovakia to study on an NDP scholarship with help from Rupiah Banda, the International Secretary of the Zambia’ Students Union. Banda established contact between Sekeramayi and the NIB. In June 1964 he moved from Czechoslovakia to Lund, Sweden, on an NIB scholarship. He studied genetics at the University of Lund, became ZANU’s representative in Sweden, and then attended medical school.

In Lund he studied with Alexander Chikwanda of the United National Independence Party of Zambia.[7]

In 1969 Sekeramayi requested assistance from SIDA in his function as Secretary-General of the Zimbabwe Students’ Union in Europe. He coordinatedHerbert Chitepo and Richard Grove‘s visits to Sweden.

In 1976 he moved to Mozambique.

In the 1980s he participated in the Gukurahundi massacres.

In 2001 Defense Minister Moven Mahachi died in a car crash and Sekeramayi became the new Defense Minister. In 2005 William Mervin Gumede mentioned Sekeramayi as one of several leading politicians who may succeed Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe because of their support among the military.

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