Mugabe Set To Face Charges Of Genocide

Genocide Watch, an organisation concerned with the prevention and punishment of mass murder, has accused Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and several of his top Military officials of genocide.

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The Washington DC-based group has classified the 1980s massacre of over 20 000 civilians in Matabeleland, which was perpetuated under the auspices of the notorious leader, as such.

The Gukurahundi massacres, as they have come to be known, resulted in the death of thousands of innocent Zimbabweans at the hands of the North Korean-trained 5th Brigade, a military unit directly subordinated to then Prime Minister Mugabe.

Genocide Watch President Gregory Stanton has called for the creation of a special Tribunal, composed of UN and Zimbabwean officials, to try Mugabe and his Generals on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

“We call upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to conduct a full investigation of the Gukurahundi, with the aim of establishing a mixed UN-Zimbabwean Tribunal to put Mugabe and his co-perpetrators on trial for their crimes,” Stanton told The Zimbabwean.
Stanton argues that the crimes qualify as genocide as they were conducted by the exclusively Shona 5th Brigade and targeted the ethnic Ndebele people. However, the massacres occurred before the establishment of the International Criminal Court and thus the tribunal lacks jurisdiction. However, the UN Security Council can still refer the matter to the ICC.

Stanton pointed out that council had previously referred the Darfur situation to the ICC, with the result that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was indicted for genocide.

He went on to insist that the time for justice has not passed, despite the fact that the Zimbabwean government seemingly think that the statute of limitations has expired.

“They think they have gotten away with mass murder. It is time to end such impunity in Zimbabwe,” Stanton said.

In the early 1980s, in his role as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Mugabe ordered the Fifth Brigade to suppress resistance in the volatile Matabeleland regions.

Acting on his orders, the Brigade shot, burned and beat an estimated 20 000 civilians to death, including women and children. Thousands more disappeared or were displaced by the violence.

Zimbabwe’s current government includes ministers and top army officials implicated in the atrocities. They are suspected of clinging to power in order to avoid prosecution.

Genocide Watch has named Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantine Chiwenga and Air Force commander Perence Shiri as being amongst the offenders.

Mugabe has described the killings as an “act of madness”, while at the same time denying culpability and refusing to formally apologise. In the hope of preserving a delicate Unity Accord that he cosigned with the late Joshua Nkomo in 1987, the ailing leader has apparently chosen to sweep the massacres under the carpet.

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    keeperofthelight 7 years

    Typicle how so many of you always use Iraq as an escape goat to justify horrific actions by your “liberation” hero/dictators. You forgetting 9/11 resulted in Iraq, the middle east made the first move. The-Saint-> your biased view on history doesnt come at a suprise, The UK and the US both helped overthrow Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa through condemnation and economic sanctions to empower the black indegenous, but no they are racists that only judge Africans according to you. As for the slave trade, slavery existed in Africa long before Europeans ever arrived there, infact, the Persian empire introduced slavery into Africa, driving many of the Bantu speaking South. And many African leaders at the time profited from Slavery.

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    chakolwa 7 years

    I think it should start with us ordinary citizens who elect these thugs to be leaders. We should know who we choose or face the noose ourselves. No need to point fingers at people like Gabriel, Charles, Tony or George. We are all as gulty.

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    Fully agree. Robert Mugabe is defintely a genocide suspect and for that he must be given his deserved opportunity before a special criminal tribunal to answer for inter alia Ndebele genocide and other crimes against humanity that he has committed ratione materae. I don’t care if George W Bush and Tony Blair can also face similar tribunals as other contributors to the present debate suggest. But definitely President Robert Mugabe is a prime suspect for crimesagainst humanity and Genocide Watch is absolutely right in their assessment of Mugabe.

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    Suziepotesha 7 years

    Western Racists…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Dear readers do not be decieved are our neighbours not the ones pouring out the cooking oil and other food stuff that our mothers,brothers and sisters bought from zim gust to be destroyed at the border.Years back we used to visit Zim,one time we thought of bringing in some fresh bream from the other side,we asked before we left we were arsured there would be no problem if it was for personal consumption and not over acertain weight.Ya Abena ifintu ukwisa chinga pa border,the guys were bad even and claimed it was not legal to take fish with you accross the border thats when we gave it to the locals who where returning home from shopping in Zed”We Zambians are nown to be very good people in mos sections of the sub continent”.those years of struggle amd zed had to cope it ,but one thing for sure South Africans seem to have more respect for Zedians.We should not be decieved by failures who leap before they look olo abantu ba mufulo nafilwa ukuteka inganda yakwe alefwaya okonalua amayand ya bena mupalamino(one whoes failed to look after his house wants to spoil the rest of the houses around the neigherhood ,Ubu ebupuwa,Fimo tefyaku konkelesha bane

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    Marieta 7 years

    Your hatred of white people makes you blind. Can you even imagine what 20 000 dead bodies looks like! Beautiful African babies, Beautiful African mothers and strong African fathers.. reduced to a heap of rotting flesh? Village upon Village upon Village… I cry in my heart, I cry!! How can any of you in your right minds defend this act?

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    Bishop Alistoto 7 years

    Smith and Mugabe should stand trial. These guys are criminals. Next on the list should be Chiluba FTJ (Pastor) and William Banda

  • comment-avatar
    Tujilijili 7 years

    I agree with Bwebya & The Saint.

    Blair & Bush; I just want to see some see some genocide charges and ICC arrest warrants being issued against these two murderers as well.

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    What ever the case pople ,the bad things we do will always get back at us.its just a matter of time.

  • comment-avatar
    Jahman 7 years

    Foget it, lets move on…

  • comment-avatar
    Concerned Citizen 7 years

    RB is next to go to the worl court for embezzlement of public funds

  • comment-avatar
    THE SAINT 7 years

    Hmmm. Let’s see.
    Indict Ian Smith for Napalm bombing refugees in Chikumbi. John Voster and all the white South African Presidents who massacred thousands of black South Africans from Sharpeville to Soweto. Yes, lets go back to 1989 when the British massacred the Ngonis and executed their Prince Nsingu at a mock trial. What of the millions of black Africans who were enslaved and uprooted from their lands and sent to work in India, Arabia, South and North America and Europe?
    NO. This wasn’t genocide because it was perpetuated by WHITE people against Africans?

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    The ICC, human rights activists and the like seem to target the weaker nations. Bwembya, you forgot Karadic and Milosevic in your postin; the problem like Bwembya said is the double if not trebmle standards that the so called civilised nations apply to issues such as genocide and crimes against humanity. Israel to-date is still killing Palestinians with impunity but the responsible individuals are left to do the same another day. Mugabe’s mistake was to do bad things against his own people; otherwise he could have left a relatively good legacy behind. George Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the alliance chaps have caused more Iraq people to die that Saddam killed in his entire presidency. Let’s be objective in our perspectives ladies and gentlemen!

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    Kojo 7 years

    We all know why Mugabe left Zambia for Mozambique. Kaunda found it very difficult to arrest him with murder of Chitepo. We can not accept shallow thinking that justice must be denied by hiding behind racism with the mention of Bush and Blair. A murder is a murder period. Mugabe massacred thousands of Ndebeles and one way or another must answer for it. No sensible African will see this accusation as racism. It must be done before Mugabe passes out so that he can known he is not above the law. His generals too need to be hanged to teach them a lesson.

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    ati there we go.

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    Bheki, it is you who is missing the point. I have not in any way justified Mugabe’s crimes against the Ndebele. There is no doubt that Mugabe abused the Ndebele people. The co-opting of Joshua Nkomo into Government was an attempt to pacify the Ndebele. If you follow Zimbabwe politics you would know that there is currently a feeling among Ndebeles that it is time they also ruled – meaning it is time a Ndebele became President of Zimbabwe. However, my argument in my earlier posting is that these Western human rights organisations are always in the forefront condemning the crimes of African leaders, but gloss over the crimes of Western leaders. Look at the list of people who have been dragged to The Hague: Charles Taylor, Pierre Bemba and the target is now Sudanese President Al Bashir. Is impunity a reserve of Africans? Are human rights violators only African?

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    Junta 7 years

    You are all children. mugabe is the only man that can stand against white imperilaists. How I wish all presidents in Africa were like Mugabe. Sekuru is the only man in Africa. Oh I forgot Gaddafi!!!

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    Bheki 7 years


    Are you suggesting, that cos Bush and the Blair get away with it that Justifies the Shona people killing the Ndebele and getting away with it?
     Your hatred for fellow Africans is quite disgusting, instead of dealing with the matter at hand, you parry it with an unrelated issue.


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    Keeps getting lower 7 years

    Mugabe hates Zambians!

    Clean up around your own home before trying to defame others.

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    mickey mouse freedom 7 years

    there we go..arrest him kaili..

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    These Western human rights outfits are racists and selective in their demand for justice. George Bush and Tony Blair committed several crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have these so-called defenders of human rights called for the arrest of the duo?