Muhabi confirms intention to be MMD national secretary but says he is not part of people hired by PF

MMD presidential adviser Muhabi Lungu has denied being part of an alleged plan to hound out MMD president Nevers Mumba from his position as party president.

Mr Lungu explained that he is not aware of any plan meant to force president Mumba out of the party and that he has no intentions of being party vice president or president now but would consider standing for the position in the future.

He further said the only thing he is aware of is that his name has been proposed for the vacant party national secretary position by some members and that he intends to stand for the position on the election day.

He added that the party has given 21 days in which other members wanting to stand for the position can put forward their names for possible election.

“It is not true to suggest that people have decided to kick out Dr Mumba. We want to be able to fix the national secretariate so that we can create a vehicle by which it can sale the president properly and reorganize the party as we have been having difficulties with that according to the party”. Mr Lungu explained.

Mr Lungu was responding to revelations by the Zambian Watchdog that there is a plot sponsored by state House and the Post newspaper to replace party president Dr Nevers Mumba with forces friendly to PF.

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