Muhabi continues exposing M’membe’s fallacies and lies

March 27th 2014

Mr Fred M’membe
Editor in Chief and Managing Director
The Post News Paper
P/Bag E352, Plot No 36
Bwinjimfumu Road,
Roads Park, Lusaka

Dear Sir,


Religion and Christianity’s Role in Capitalism and Socialism

Let me just provide a brief commentary on religion. In your editorial, you state that it is surprising that the same people that declared this country a Christian nation can now favour greed and oppose policies that are more just, fair and humane. You point out that “Christians must show that “authentic socialism is Christianity lived to the full, in basic equality and with a fair distribution of goods.” Here again you confuse yourself and display ignorance of empirical evidence of history in as far as the development of western and eastern civilizations. To the contrary, it is Christian values and the moral ethic it creates, that was responsible for driving progress in Western Civilization by espousing the values of solidarity, fraternity, fidelity, equality, personal initiative, and individual choice, right to property, liberty, fairness and justice. Even when it regards philanthropy, giving back to the community, it is the industrious Christian ethic that had prompted the Titans of Industry, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, Henry Ford etc, to give back massive amounts of money to endowments and foundations. These foundations have supported education in inner cities, the promotion of civil rights, the fight against HIV/AIDS and the development of entrepreneurial skills in underprivileged communities and societies; all in an effort to fight poverty.

Contrary to your view, Scientific Socialism does not recognize Christianity and has tried to do everything possible to expunge it from its operative systems. It labelled, Christianity in particular, and other religions as a whole as “Opium of the Proletariat.” ‘Creating False Utopia’, they said. Consequently, Christianity and its values were to be discouraged, frowned upon and liquidated as a vice and as a preventive apparatus towards the development of the socialist agenda. In some socialist republics, churches were even banned, and Christians had to go underground in order to pray. Religion, it was said, is the opium of the people; an addictive and destructive drug which must be banned from communist republics and the socialist agenda. Becomes Scientific Socialism espouses the edict that firmly states “to each according to his needs and from each according to his abilities”, individual initiative and creativity was non existence and as a result no exceptional Titians of industry were ever birthed. Hence no such thing as socialistic philanthropy exists. Every decent Christian should always be on the look out for the Anti-Christ.

The Poverty Question

Contrary to you lying tongue, I do not recall any MMD economist that has said that Poverty is a given and that we should therefore accept that poverty will always exist. This is a blatant lie. In fact, in my recollection, the only person who has said that the poor will always be with us is my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ; and this he said in a context misunderstood by most people. What the MMD has repeatedly pointed out is that poverty can not be gotten rid of in 90 days as certain false prophets, you promote, have claimed. But poverty needs to be consistently fought with predictable and a sustainable set of economic short, medium and long term policies. Hence, the FNDP, SNDP and the Vision 2030; all MMD planning instruments and programmes intended to aggressively but realistically fight poverty. In consonant with other internationally agreed upon targets, such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the aim was to significantly reduce it over time. Even then, we did not want to lie to the Zambian people that poverty will be reduced to zero. It is always better to be honest to the people you endeavour to lead than to give them false hope and then when you cannot deliver, you hide behind Facebook and hired guns such as yourself, in order to deceive the masses. What a pathetic attempt at deceit. Oh what a complicated web we weave when we first begin to deceive. (Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

The Peoples Republic of China (assumption- Socialist inclined and a One Party State) has had consistent positive economic growth for 36 years since its reforms in 1978. For most of this time, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth was above 10 percent and for the decades during the 90’s and early parts of the new millennium, average growth was 12 percent. Yet in 2014, one third (1/3) of the Chinese Population still live in abject poverty. That is almost 500 million Chinese. Equally, India ( assumption- Capitalist and a Multi Party Democracy) having witnessed average growth of above 8 to 9 percent for the last 20 years has an estimated 450 million people living in abject poverty. The United States of America, the most industrialized economy in the word, the most democratic nation in the West and the most capitalistic nation of all, has an estimated 40 million Americana living below the poverty datum line. There is another 40 million Americans that get by on food stumps and other forms of government grants or hand outs. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in many parts of all these three countries and I have witnessed first hand, the state of abject poverty in Wuhan, China, Bangaloo, India and Mississippi, USA.

Unfortunately, Poverty is a real condition of our current set of world circumstances, even in the face of amazing technological advancement we have made as a human race in the last 150 years. I agree with you that we need to all find a collective solution to getting rid of poverty as we move our civilization into the 21 century and beyond. But, we will not do this by creating false 90 day promises or denigrating economic systems which may give us the best fighting chance of getting rid of poverty. We will not rid our country Zambia, of poverty by going back to failed socialist polices which everyone who is reasonable is abandoning and discarding through out the world. Free enterprise has lifted you personally out of poverty. I would propose that we give everyone an equal chance; the tools that are needed to expand our middle class and significantly reduce the number of the marginalized. They need tools that include honest and accurate information by which they cam make informed decisions. Not distorted propaganda that will make them grope in the dark and stumble. They need education, finance and the conducive environment created by the developmental state to do the same as you have done. Please, do not attempt to destroy the bridge of escape just because you have crossed it. Live the doors of opportunity open for others to enter.

Muhabi Lungu
Concerned Citizen

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