Muhabi exposes Kaingu, Chituwo clandestine meetings with M’membe, state House

Muhabi exposes Kaingu, Chituwo clandestine meetings with M’membe, state House

The opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy says the two vice presidents, Dr Brian Chituwo and Michael Kaingu, had meetings with Post Newspapers Editor Fred M’membe and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba in an attempt to destabilize the former ruling party.

Director of Communications in the

Kaingu and Mbulakulima

Kaingu and Mbulakulima

party president’s office Muhabi Lungu has also revealed that he has been approached by the Patriotic Front several times to defect to the ruling party.

Featuring on online based Cross Fire Blog Radio, Lungu said the party had irrefutable evidence that two of the leading officials in the revolt against president Nevers Mumba had been feted at State House several times.

Lungu said party vice presidents Kaingu and Chituwo had confessed to having held clandestine meetings with Kabimba but had not divulged the details of the meetings.

“We discovered that our two vice presidents (Kaingu and Chituwo) had been having meetings with Fred M’membe. Of course meeting Fred M’membe is not the problem but he has made it clear that he does not want the MMD to survive and he wants it obliterated,” Lungu said.

“As a result Fred M’membe arranged for a meeting for our two vice presidents to meet Wynter Kabimba and they did not tell the president that they were going to meet Wynter Kabimba and what the agenda was going to be. When it was broken by the people from the Watchdog they wanted to hide the story. And I am the one who tried to get them so this whole thing looks suspicious.”

He added: “We approached Dr Kaingu and he agreed that they had a meeting with Wynter Kabimba. When the UPND discovered about the meetings, the UPND refused to give details with the two vice presidents present saying we know your members as MMD have been meeting Wynter Kabimba and other people at State House.

“When the president called them to find out what the meeting was about they became defensive and it is part of the reason we have this situation.”

He said the PF had not relented in their quest to weaken the MMD and was approaching its members with promises of rewards.

“We know that State House sent a vehicle trying to pick up Scorpion Kadobi and also trying to compromise Bowman Lusambo with promises of greater wealth telling them that now that you have been suspended we could do this for you,” he said.

“We know that two vocal members in this fight have been to State House several times and the information we have is that they have been given money.”

He said there were elements that were resisting the restoration of the MMD because some members were still obsessed with their former privileged status.

“We lost an election and he (Nevers Mumba) has been trying to build a new image of the political party and some of the old habits have been fighting him.

“I think that it is really unfair for them to blame him for the failures of the MMD, celebrate with him when we win an election and blame him when we lose an election,” he said.

“Dr Mumba had started that process by holding a retreat earlier on in his presidency and the people who are resistant are the people who feel they are important, they were ministers and Dr Mumba is a foreigner he has just come. They have constantly resisted him.”

He said, “So you can see that the first resistance was from Major Kachingwe who tried to use an illegal method to get rid of the president. He was collectively expelled by the individual NEC and the next one was Namugala and the president has had consistent pressure to re-organize the party.”

Lungu said, “Then there is my sister Dora Siliya who was perceived by most people in Zambia that she was the most corrupt. I am not saying she is guilty. The perception is that she together with others like Peter Daka are the ones who brought down Rupiah Banda. She was aware of this and made an attempt to reduce her visibility. She took offence when I took over the role of defending the party and a vacuum was created.”

He said the PF had approached him several times to offer him positions.

“I have been approached by the PF several times, I have been approached several times by the UPND offering great things,” he said.

Lungu said the next MMD convention was due by April 2016 and asked members that were agitated to wait for that term.

The MMD has been engulfed by a potential revolt led by the two vice presidents and Siliya who are believed to have been heavily funded to undertake the destabilization of the former ruling party.


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