Muhabi is new MMD CEO as traitors face expulsion

Muhabi is new MMD CEO as traitors face expulsion

The MMD NEC meeting has resolved to expel traitors sponsored by PF to destabilize the party.

Meanwhile the MMD has elected Muhabi Lungu as its new National Secretary.

And with the support of their sponsors PF, the traitors Michael Kaingu, Brian Chituwo, Lucky Mulusa and Dora Siliya belatedly obtained an court injunction to restrain the NEC from holding a MMD youths tell off Dora Siliya and company-2Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima leds MMD choir members in song and dance meeting. But the injunction was served late after the NEC had already resolved a number of issues.

‘You can imagine the heavy support they are getting from government. They even managed to get a judge on Sunday to fight their battle,’ said a source.

The National Executive Committee meeting held this Sunday elected Mr. Lungu as National Secretary after going through unopposed during a meeting held at Kapingila House.

Before his election, Mr Lungu was a member of the NEC and doubled as party Director of Communications and Spokesperson for party President Nevers Mumba.

The meeting proceeded after a quorum was formed with over 40 NEC members attending out the 62 that make up the committee.

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