Muhamed Andeleki continues his crooked games on Livingstone by-election

Muhamed Andeleki continues his crooked games on Livingstone by-election

andelekiDocumented crook Clement Muhamed Andeleki has continued playing tricks on his intention to stand for election in the Livingstone parliamentary by-election.

The Zambian Watchdog disclosed a few weeks ago that the former cop who forged late Levy Mwanawasa’ signatures on behalf of then opposition leader Michael Sata was eyeing the Livingstone seat.

The Watchdog has been informed that Andeleki is PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s preferred candidate for Livingstone. It was Kabimba who advised Andeleki to resign as Registrar of Societies so that he stands a better chance of being picked.

Kabimba is mounting a tribal war in the PF in which he wants the Bantu Botatwe (Tonga, Illa, Lenje and tribal cousins (Westerners and Northwsterners) to take over PF. (Look out for a detailed report here sometime this week)

When he was asked on Blog Radio and Zambezi FM, Andeleki said media reports suggesting that he resigned from his position to contest the vacant Livingstone constituency Seat will remain a speculation until he confirms or denies.

Andeleki said it is too premature for him to state his position but was quick to mention that if an opportunity arises, he can serve as it is his desire to serve the people of Zambia.

He said he is optimistic of contributing to government in another public office.

Andeleki claimed that he has been receiving suggestion from members of the public for him to contest the 28 February Livingstone seat by-election since he resigned from his position as chief registrar of societies

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