Mukamfwilwa bwelelela, half mwenye half muntu songs

Mukamfwilwa bwelela, by Kaunda Kaunda 


Probably most of PF cadres were young when influential Zambian musician John Mwansa did a hit entitled Mukamfwilwa bwelela in the early 80s. They may also have been young when Paul Nyirongo alias Paul Ngozi did half Mwenye half muntu hit.

In Mukamfwilwa bwelela Mwansa talks about a woman who was married to a prominent Zambian footballer who died in a road accident in Ndola. Soon after burial and funeral rites, the widow who was also a prominent businesswoman in Ndola running a chain of boutiques was all over social places, Savoy, Falcon hotels to mention but a few.

This prompted Mwansa as a social commentator to release the song which proved a hit and received great public and airplay. A line of the lyrics went as …”Apapene mulume afwile walasangwa namufikulwa, namumayanda yabwalwa, nakusangile ku Savoy, nakusanga naku falcon wemwanakashi wamupamba na uluse twakwata, ala icindeike twapapata”.

The widow went to court and sued Mwansa claiming that she had been defamed but she lost the case and compensated Mwansa instead. Mwansa’s song was echoed by the Mulemena boys who did another version of the song.

A line from the Mulemena…..”aima aya, aya ku Chingola, ku Chingola afika, ashita saimoni ati nine bembile mukamfwilwa bwelela. Bacilye nabo awe bakana ati iwe mayo iwe bushe naupena, teiwe weka walufya abalume, teiwe bembile mukamfwilwa bwelelela”.

Paul Ngozi’s song was about some Asian men who impregnated married African women and produced a breed called half mwenye half muntu. There was no Asian or even a mother who had an Asian coloured who dragged Paul Ngozi to court.


The moral teaching in this story is that Satire in Zambian music has been with us since time immemorial and there is nothing unique about Pilato’s Alungu anbwela song. Furthermore, Bemba literature teaches that ‘imbila yamushi tabayasukila (Do not answer back when a person is making a general announcement in the village!)’.

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