Mukanga says UPND desperate for nothing

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says the desperation exhibited by the opposition UPND will cost them next week’s presidential by-elections.

Mr. Mukanga says the UPND is desperate to get into government without clearly formulating a plan on how they will govern the country if given a chance by the electorates.

He says the people are seeing that the UPND is doing things out of desperation, which he says cannot help them to form government.

He adds that the PF is still popular in many places which will make them to remain in government even if the UPND forces their way into government.

He says the people have seen the massive infrastructure projects the PF has embarked on and that it will be a disaster to remove the PF from government saying the UPND will abandon those projects.

The Transport and Communications Minister has since urged Zambians to vote wisely saying the UPND has no plan on how they will take the country forward.

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