Mukanga should resign over Siavonga boat accident-Msoni

The Patriotic Front government should not dream of establishing a national airline when they have failed to provide water vessels to its citizens.
Opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni has demanded that Transport and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga should take responsibility for the death of 25 people in Siavonga after their banana boat capsized on their way to attend the golden jubilee independence celebrations in Siavonga.
“It is criminal to put up an airline when you can’t provide water vessels. He (Mukanga) must take responsibility,” Msoni demanded.
The government has promised to buy coffins for the victims but Msoni said buying coffins will not compensate the loss that parents have suffered at the hands of what he called an incompetent regime.
Government has revised the number of victims from 26 to 25 because one victim was recorded twice. All the 25 bodies have since been retrieved by the marine unit and a mass burial has been scheduled for Wedsday in Siavonga. Ceremonial vice president Guy Scott will represent government.
Acting President Edgar Lungu has since declared a day of national mourning for the victims.

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