Mukuka challenges next regime on budget process

Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) President Cephas Mukuka has appealed to the next Government to ensure it presents a national budget that will adequately fund key sectors such as education and health.

According to hot FM, Mukuka said that the 2012 budget must be pro-poor as it one way to fight poverty, which is a problem that poses a challenge to national development.

He said the budget should also revamp the energy and agriculture sector as the move will help foster development and boost economic growth in the country.

Mukuka noted that the next regime must focus on addressing the aspirations of the common man and fight to alleviate poverty and make life bearable for Zambians.

The ZUFIAW leader also said once key sectors are revamped and sustained, the next regime will succeed in bringing about  meaningful  change.

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