Mukula PF youths to be released on ‘no prosecution’

Mukula PF youths to be released on ‘no prosecution’

The Director of Public Prosecution is expected to enter a nolle prosequi in the case of four youths charged with aggravated robbery.

The youths were among the eleven that stopped 21 trucks carrying illegal jungle logs for export in January 2018.
Information reaching show that Government has decided to discontinue the case for the embarrassment tha case is causing to President Lungu.
Police were made to swing into action and slapped theft charges on the four youths that intercepted 21 mukula tree-laden trucks in Shimabala area on the Lusaka-Kafue highway.

And Lusaka lawyer Christopher Mundia Jr, who is the quartet’s legal counsel, described the charge as disappointing.
Mundia Jr of CL Mundia and Company confirmed the theft charge

“What has transpired is that those three young men and a lady – the ones who apprehended those suspected illegally transported mukula logs – what has transpired now is that for some strange reason…Despite them voluntarily calling the media to tell them about their findings, they (police) have decided to charge them with theft and that is why they’ve been in detention for the past three days. They have charged them with theft; they said they stole K30, 000 [and] a cell phone valued at K6, 000 and documents which they say were a property of ZAFFICO,” said Mundia Jr.

“The four charged are Benny Musonda, Robinson Chipili, Augustine Mukuka and Fanny Zimba. They’ve just been granted police bond and they will be advised when we’ll be appearing in court. However, on our end it’s a disappointing development considering that there was no theft that was there.”

“I have never heard of a thing where there is theft and then you call the media to come and witness the theft! Anyway, those are matters for trial and we don’t want to speculate”

The four are expected to appear in the Lusaka High Court this morning Thursday 10th May 2018.

ZWD. This is how Kaizer uses the Police to fix perceived enemies. This is the same way Obvious Mwaliteta and others were fixed by trying to intercept rigged electoral documents in 2016. So for anything to do with KZ as they call him, whether illegal or not,there is no law. With Kaizer is there is no Citizen Viggilance or arrest which is provided in the constitution of Zambia. This same illict money is the money used to by Pangas that are used by our brothers and sisters to butcher each other.

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