Mukwita selling Lungu’s book to children

So you were right when you said Antony Mukwita is struggling to sell his book titled ‘ Kaminaminsa, against no odds’?

Today I saw him selling the book to Lungu’s daughter, the one who acted in the gods must be crazy and Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda.

Earlier I heard that Mukwita was bribing people with tickets in order for them to buy his book.

Hmmmm. From what I know a good book on good topic does not need such heavy marketing. People will look for a good book no matter where it is.


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    Angoni chaiwo 11 months

    Kekekeke, zambians don’t cease to entertain me. K did the same when he was in power and most of those books have found themselves in the sewer drains for obvious reasons. I hope this mukwa guy has not used our tax payers money to fund this useless buku

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    Pesh 11 months

    Who can buy that book? Instead of buyng a bag of mealie meal