Mulafulafu urges voters to get information on candidates

Caritas Zambia Executive Director Sam Mulafulafu has called on Zambians to seize every opportunity that exposes them to information about aspiring candidates in the Presidential, Parlimnetary, and Local Government elections.

Mulafulafu told the watchdog that citizens must take advantage of radio and TV programs, and rallies where candidates are outlining their plans for the nation.

He expressed disappointment at politicians who are shunning debates on radio and TV, adding that the aspirants are doing it at their own risk.

Mulafulafu noted that the absence of candidates from platforms of debate is a clear indication that they have nothing to offer in the event that their parties emerge victorious.

He also advised voters to be alert and scrutinize those vying for political office so that choose credible leaders with integrity who will deliver when elected in the September 20 polls.


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