Mulasikwanda quits MMD

FORMER gender minister Patricia Mulasikwanda yesterday resigned from the MMD to join the UPND, according to the Post.

Mulasikwanda stated that she decided to resign following serious consultations with her family and colleagues.

“I have decided to resign from MMD with immediate effect and I have decided to join the pact through UPND,” Mulasikwanda stated.

She charged that President Rupiah Banda had abandoned the people of Zambia.

Mulasikwanda noted that President Banda and the MMD had done nothing about the poverty and hunger afflicting the Zambian people.

“…This Christmas a minister has given K150,000 to the local people to drink Kachasu to celebrate Christmas. Do you call this development?” Mulasikwanda asked. “The other reason is that Rupiah has no vision for taking Zambia to higher heights as seen that the great vision which the late president left cannot be carried forward, such as the fight against corruption, and his failure to bring the party together.”

Mulasikwanda observed that the MMD had now been divided into groups where the President had allowed people to be victimised through his close allies.

She stated that God was not a God of victimisation.

“Let God judge Rupiah and those who feed him with ill advices on corruption that Rupiah has taken as a best thing to do. The hate that has been built and found its way in his heart is the thing that has also contributed to his fall,” Mulasikwanda stated. “Lack of accountability of state resources, I have heard even the former provincial chairman of Luapula complaining of the same. Those are strong men in the political influence of our country, they speak from experience and what they know and there is need to listen to them.”

Mulasikwanda stated that last week, when she tried to advise President Banda, MMD deputy national secretary Jeff Kaande told her to go back to UNIP.

She said it seemed Kaande was blind to reality because President Banda also came from UNIP.

“He further added to say dissolved Western Province executive committee chairperson Simasiku Namakando is no longer in MMD, since I belong to that committee, I have decided to join the rest of the nation to fight the wrongdoings of the MMD,” Mulasikwanda stated. “If people can be removed from MMD because of their truthfulness and vibrancy, let us see how MMD can win these elections in Western Province in 2011. The history will repeat itself, this time it will be worse.”

Mulasikwanda observed that President Banda only listened to people who kept misleading him, such as MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga.

She revealed that Mabenga was even failing to hold successful meetings in his area, Mulobezi.

“Yesterday he held a public meeting in my village or area where only less than 10 people attended his meeting. In some other areas he had none to attend his meetings,” Mulasikwanda stated. “I have just arrived today from my village and I have witnessed those meetings. In fact those that attended his meetings are either forced or threatened. He has lost the grip in Mulobezi, my homeland. Even his family has deserted him, they have joined the pact.”

Mulasikwanda stated that indunas had also joined the pact.
“Although he Mabenga has given K150,000 to the local people to drink Kachasu to celebrate Christmas, do you call this development?” asked Mulasikwanda.

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