Mulenga says he has equivalent of grade 12 certificate

Mulenga says he has equivalent of grade 12 certificate

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 07.57.48Former Lusaka Province Minister Mulenga Sata says he attended secondary school in Botswana and obtained a Cambridge GSCE O Level certificate  which is equivalent to a Zambian grade 12 certificate. He said he attended  Maru a pula School in Gaborone, Botswana.

Mr Sata said that he later went to Waterford Kamlhaba in Mbabane, Swaziland before eventually enrolling in engineering School at the University of California and Los Angeles (UCLA).

Up to today, the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) still administers the Cambridge International Examinations alongside the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Examination (BGCSE).

A lot of current Zambian MPs including Deputy Chairperson of Committees of the whole House Chifumu Banda, Kanyama PF MP Gerry Chanda, Bwana Mukubwa PF MP Emmanuel Chenda and many others  have Cambridge certificates.

‘I lost the certificate but I have asked for a new one which is on its way from Botswana and it should be arriving tomorrow and then it shall be forwarded to the ECZ for verification,” Mulenga said on Hot FM radio on Wednesday.

Mr Sata said the Grade 12 clause in the amended constitution is not necessary saying the nation needed to have a transition period before such a clause could be adopted.

“There are people with skills without Grade 12. Education is not just about Grade 12, it is composed of so many things. By insisting that senior citizens such as Guy Scott who is over 70 years old should go and look for his Grade 12 certificate, it is very unfortunate.”

The Former Lusaka Mayor also revealed that he feels relieved that he has now left the PF.

“I now feel free at last, it’s like a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I know my Dad would have been proud of my decision if he were alive today because one of the greatest life lessons he gave me is that it is important for one to stand up to what you believed in,” he said.

Mr Sata that said his joining the UPND means that he is simply revisiting the original pact which was entered into between the PF and the UPND.

“The UPND and PF share a common past. The original pact was between the two parties. HH would have been Vice President and he would have been the presidential candidate going into this election, unfortunately the pact broke down. UPND is a party we have a past with. It was a natural starting point. I was approached by some people to consider forming another party and I felt adding to the already existing parties would have been retrogressive,” he said.

Mr Sata also dismissed assertions that he is not a factor in Zambian politics and that his defection will not affect the PF’s fortunes.

“If I am not a factor, that is fine. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. If I was not a factor they wouldn’t be issuing statements and again it speaks to the arrogance that has crept into our leadership. What are they saying about the ordinary members? It is this disdain that is ruining the party. It gives me motivation to show them that I am a factor.”

He added, “I have political clout because you are interviewing me. You could have been interviewing a hundred other people. I have built a certain amount of following for myself. Over the last couple of hours since I announced this development, calls have been coming and I have been humbled. My action has resonated with a lot of people. I am branded and I carry the Sata brand. I did not apply to be a Sata and wherever I go I carry this brand and I cannot walk away from that.”

Mr Sata also cited examples of Andrew Banda and Patrick Mwanawasa who have left the parties in which they served and are now associating themselves with other political parties.

He also that he is confident he will survive even after losing his ministerial position.

“Survival is not a problem. I have a small livestock farming venture, I am an aspiring Kachema if you like. Actually one of my cows gave birth today and also a registered engineer, I am a shareholder in Zulu Burrow. So survival is not a problem, Zambia is our country and we know how we can survive but I believe that there are plenty of opportunities in agriculture.”

And Mulenga Sata has charged that the PF Government under President Edgar Lungu has failed the Zambian people.

Mr Sata observed that the Lungu administration has completely veered away from the vision that his late Father Michael had when he founded the PF.

He revealed that currently the Lungu administration is barely managing to keep government running.

Mr Sata who on Tuesday announced his decision to join the UPND said the Lungu government has failed the people and that the economy is currently in a mess.

Mr Sata stated that his late Father could have handled the current economic challenges better if he was still in government.

“My Dad, was a people centric person and throughout his political life he always sided with the people. He had a broad vision for Zambia and it was not just about infrastructure. The infrastructure development was just a part of the early days of the PF,” Mr Sata said.

He added, “After economic circumstances changed following the commodity bust, it was important for the party to change the direction. We needed a sustainable method of funding for the infrastructure drive. You cannot continue buying clothes when you don’t have food. If my Dad was around, he couldn’t have changed the course of direction.”

Mr Sata said President Lungu needed to have made necessary adjustments especially that the country’s revenue projections were no longer valid.

“It was important that we cut spending across all sectors and cut back on all these projects and focus on projects that would quickly stimulate the economy. We have continued as if there is no problem. I know the situation could have been managed better. At this stage, we are barely able to keep government running.”

Mr was speaking Wednesday afternoon when he featured on the inaugural The Contender radio programme on Hot FM which was aired across five other radio stations in Zambia.


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