Mulobezi DC takes over recruitment of election officers


There is a confusion in Mulobezi District following the undemocratic move by District Commissioner a known PF cadre a Ms Capt Limwanya to hijack the process of selecting Election officers to manage the 11/8 elections in the District. This process should have been handled by the Council through the Council Secretary but in Mulobezi , all Civil servants are accused of supporting the Opposition.

Capt Limwanya has taken the process personal selecting only known Patriotic front cadres as elections officers obviously to facilitate rigging of the polls.

Many qualified Teachers, Council workers , Health workers and other senior citizens have been left out from the provisional list of selected officers in preference for cadres .

” Hello Sir

Please expose this…mulobezi DC taking over the council over recruitment of poll staffs. She is Captain Limwanya

She has taken control of the dully selected list of 379 poll staffs..she want to introduce her own cadres who are drilled to rig the election..first she is saying all those with Tonga related names be removed from the list…please blow this one before 10 hrs tomolo. Her new members expected to start briefings on saturday..379 members and only 53 have tonga related names on that list selected by a district an HOD at a secondary sch just behind the DC office.” Said the source

The source further said this woman is the one who engineered the beating of our DEBS early this year by pf cadres who have lost the case…up to now the DEBS is out for 4 months now…Meanwhile, there is a group mobilising to protest against the interference by the District Commissioner a move that should have attracted the Election Commission Of Zambia Head Office but as usual , since the entire top management of the Commission is working in collaboration with PF nothing sensible is expected apart from the academic statement from the Commission’s useful stooge Chris Akufuna .e

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