Mulobezi PF candidate Mulasikwanda asked why she beat up her mother

Voters in Mulobezi constituency have said they cannot vote for the uncultured PF candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda who beat up her mother over a family dispute in 2013.

They said that no matter what offence a parent committed, it was unacceptable for a child to beat up the parent and Mulasikwanda’s action showed that she did not deserve to be elected MP.

“She is a mother herself and if you know the pain of child bearing how would someone really get to the extent of beating up a mother like she did in 2013? It is culturally unacceptable, it is morally wrong,” said a PF insider who also predicted a lose because of a bad candidate.

But when challenged over the matter, Mulaiskwanda ran short of words and just knelt down asking for forgiveness from the community during a rally that was addressed by Vice President Inonge Wina. Obvious Mwaliteta also begged for Mulaiskwanda’s forgiveness from the uncompromising crowd who only turned up to have a glimpse at Inonge Wina.

About two weeks ago, Mulaiskwanda was detained by the alert Namibian immigration authorities when she attempted to illegally enter that country under the disguise of elected Mulobezi MP. The officers demanded for an identity but as she was fidgeting, one officer went online and googled the names of MPs but found that it was showing as Hastings Sililo, whose election PF have nullified.

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