Mulondwe Muzungu joins race for Mufumbwe

Mulondwe Muzungu joins race for Mufumbwe

Mulondwe Muzumgu

Former Ambassador to Libya Mulondwe Muzungu has joined the race for the Mufumbwe bye-election.

Muzungu who was recalled from Libya by the MMD to contest another bye-election in Mufumbwe in 2010 lost to Elliot Kamwendo of the UPND.

But now Muzungu is pushing to be adopted as a joint candidate for the MMD and UPND.

Information from his inner circle say claim that ‘the people of Mufumbwe are geared to replace Steven Masumba, with more experienced, mature and credible leadership and they are looking to Zambia’s former ambassador to Libya, Mulondwe Muzungu.’

Mazumgu’s inner circle say that any party that would field ambassador Muzungu stands a high chance of scooping the seat, because he has got a lot of influence in Mufumbwe especially among the traditional leaders Chief Mushima, Munyambala and Chizela.

Muzungu, according to hints from his inner circle prefer to contest on the UPND ticket because the PF would find it easier to de-campaign the MMD based on its 20 years in government than the UPND which is gaining momentum.

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