Mulonga threatens to beat Watchdog editor



Teddy Mulonga, one of the rejected applicants to contest the Solwezi seat under the MMD has said he will beat up Watchdog editor Lloyd Himaambo for writing that Mulonga once stood on the UPND and FDD tickets respectively.

Mulonga, who called Himaambo last night also said he never wrote MMD examinations for the Watchdog to say that he was rejected.

He said that if he does not receive an unconditional apology, he will go for Himaambo physically.

Mulonga was initially complaining about a story that stated that there was a possibility of his being adopted by UNIP to contest the Solwezi seat.

In the afternoon he phoned the Watchdog and said that it was actually UNIP that had approached him but said he declined. He asked the Watchdog to correct the story.

The story was corrected as requested.

Later at night Mulonga phoned and demanded to know why the Watchdog said he once stood on FDD and UPND.

“Young man Lloyd, what have I ever done to you? Do you know my political philosophy? Have I ever sat down with you to explain my political philosophy?, asked Mulonga.

Himaambo answered that he doesn’t know Mulonga’s political philosophy.

“Then why are you insulting me? I am not your relative. I am not your cousin and I don’t even know you. Who is sending you to come after me?” did I ever write exams in the MMD for you to say I failed? Do you know the procedures of the MMD?, he asked.

Himaambo asked him to explain what he meant by insulting him.

“I asked you to correct that story but why did you say that I stood on FFD and UPND,” he said.

‘ Because it’s true Sir,” answered Himaambo.

“Listen young man, me I am a different breed of people. If you have done that to other people, me I will physically come for you; I will personally come for you. Do you hear me? I will personally come for you,” threatened Mulonga.

He continued: ‘why do you write things about me? What is your business? You are trying to make your site popular by writing about me. Who do you think you are Lloyd?”

“No Sir the Watchdog is already popular. You are seeking public office and that is our business as journalists,” said Himaambo.

Mulonga who sounded to be getting more annoyed by each sentence he made accused Himaambo of hiding under press freedom.

‘You are hiding under journalism. But I tell you, I demand an unconditional apology otherwise I will personally come for you,” he said.

Mulonga also said he may consult his lawyers to which Himaambo advised him to proceed.

Teddy Mulonga in 2001, stood as Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) candidate for Solwezi Central. He was defeated by Ben Tetamashimba of UPND.

When Tetamashimba defected to the MMD in 2003, a bye-election was created in Solwezi. Mulonga stood as candidate for UPND.

MMD candidate Benny Tetamashimba scored 3,452 while his closest rival Teddy Mulonga of United Party for National Development (UPND)polled 2,269.

Mulonga was Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president until he was defeated by Kalussha Bwalya at the last FAZ elections.

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